Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weekend Recap

I wish weekends could last forever. I really, really do. I live for drinking coffee on the couch, watching shows with the girls while they eat their breakfast and doing whatever our hearts desire for the day. Lately all I am up for is a trip to Target, and then my energy is g-o-n-e. But this weekend brought chilly weather, lots of girlie play time and wishing these days would last forever. 

The girls played practically all.day.long on Saturday. It was a miracle! I barely heard any crying, any whining, no fighting...not quite sure what was going on but I'll take it! It's so funny to me how much I never wanted girls. They terrified me. And now I just can't imagine not having girls. Mine are just the light of my life and I'm so lucky to be their momma. 

Kyle's first home game of the season was tonight, so I made cupcakes for the team. Kinsley wanted to help decorate, but only wanted to do what she wanted to do on them...which was rainbow sprinkles. So after fighting with her over the fact that rainbow doesn't match the school colors, I said fine...you can do ONE. And man, that ONE cupcake was the highlight of her day. She was so proud of it, and kept saying "whoever gets this cupcake is going to have a really special cupcake". 

And somehow in between the million other things Kyle has going on right now, and trying to get ready for their first game...he tackled a project I've had on my mind for months. We've slowly been painting the house, and making our own touches to things since moving in May. I've had my eyes on two open shelves for our big blank wall in the kitchen, and after painting this big blank wall I wanted my shelves and I wanted them now. So rather than trying to find the time neither of us have right now to make them ourselves, I found exactly what I wanted already done and said...DONE! Granted I would have maybe liked them a tad bit longer, but they are perfect and exactly what I have envisioned. Best part? My manual labor included lifting them off the shelf at Target and putting them in my cart. 

Now they just need my Santa mugs to make their way down from the attic, a few other touches and they'll be good to go. We're gearing up for a week of basketball, Thanksgiving food (!!!) and getting our Christmas on in the house. I can't wait!

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