Monday, October 31, 2016

It's A...(17 Weeks)

So we officially know what has been cooking in my belly the past 17 weeks. And Kyle and I are beyond excited about it :) This week instead of my usual bump-date, we'll just cover the basis and let the gender reveal speak for itself (aka I was too lazy to take a picture for the week). 

Originally I was supposed to find out today on Halloween, but some things came up and I had to change my appointment to last week. I wasn't too upset about finding out a little earlier! The second our ultrasound technician found the baby and we saw them, the gender was clear as day and I knew. I knew that for the past few months my gut instinct on what the gender of this baby was right!!!! 


Oh my gosh, it's so crazy to even type that. I'm going to be a mom to a boy! It's funny how excited I was over this baby's gender. Maybe because I know it's our last and I know how badly Kyle wanted to have a son. Maybe it's just the element of change, something new and different for us than Barbie dolls and pink. But whatever it is, we are so excited. 
Little boy already has a name and I've been hanging on to this name for three pregnancies, in hopes to one day use it. We originally have had two names picked out for a boy, but never had to actually narrow it down to one because...well...we've had two girls. This time, I knew this baby was a boy. I just knew it. And for awhile I've been referring to the baby by the name I loved. Now that we have 100% confirmation, I think I've got Kyle on board with the name and he has even called him by the name. It literally is the cutest sound to me to hear him say it out loud. We'll probably share the name soon, but for now...it's our little secret. 

Kinsley and Rylan are so excited to have a little brother. We can't wait to change our world with blue, matchbox cars, boy tv shows and even more basketball. We can't wait to meet you! 

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