Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Love You Even Though...

I've heard over and over again that your second child will put you through the ringer. They will be the complete opposite of the first, and what you once thought you knew about raising a child...just throw that out the window because you'll be starting from scratch. I never believed it. 
And then we had Rylan...

From the day she was born, she's been our wild, crazy, Miss Independent, loving, sweet, hilarious, dramatic, adventurous, death defying little girl. She literally is the opposite of Kinsley in every single way. And I love her to death. You can always count on her to make you smile with the most random facial expressions, with her little sass, with her adorable smile and her explosive personality. It's crazy how much personality that little 1 year old has! She always makes us laugh, even when she's done something bad or we're not happy with her. 

So here's my post to remember how much I really do love her, even though she.... 
Took a blue ball point pen, and decided to turn into Picasso and create a masterpiece all over our WHITE loveseat cushions and arm rest. 

Took a black dry erase marker and turned into a graffiti artist on our WHITE couch cover, the tile and grout and her face. 
Took a purple marker and drew (what looks like) aliens on the WHITE curtains in their playroom. 
Took a green and purple marker and colored every inch of the bottom of her feet, then walked across a yoga mat, the tile and a WHITE bath mat in their bathroom. 

And this all happened in under a 24 hour time frame. 
My blood was boiling. I literally felt like a fire breathing dragon, and flames were roasting every inch of hair on top of Rylan's head. I thought after the first time I yelled at her, she would have gotten the point of "hey...maybe I shouldn't do that anymore because that makes mommy and daddy reallllllllly realllllllly mad". Or at least she was sick of crying for 15 minutes straight because mommy was NOT playing around and her usual cute smirk didn't make me scoop her up and hug her and say "it's ok baby". Nope. Not this time, Ry Ry. You. Are. In. The. Doghouse! 

You would think we were the worst parents in the world, and we never watch our children based on all the vandalism our one year child did. But every instance happened within a 30 second-2 minute time frame. Blue ball point pen incident? I walked into the kitchen to fill up a water cup for them....and BAM! The artist had her first attack. It's never good to hear from your 4 year old, "Mommy! Rylan's drawing on the couch!" The main question is where did she find this pen? Does she just have a secret stash in her diaper I don't know about? Dry erase marker? Kyle went to his desk...she followed behind him, somehow found a dry erase marker, opened it, walked to the family room and thought "hmm....this white couch needs some color as well. Oh yea, and the floors and my face". Curtain incident? I had to pee. Can't a pregnant woman just go PEE and not worry the whole house is going to get vandalized by your own kid???? The painted feet? I was 5 feet away from her, getting a washcloth wet in hopes of cleaning the curtains real quick. You would think that after JUST being yelled at, she would STOP WITH THE CRAZY COLORING CRAP!!! 
So momma finally got smart. I grabbed every single destructive marker, pen, dry erase marker, permanent marker and hid them in a ziplock bag. I'm going to hide them on the top shelf of our closet, install a key pad so only Kyle and I can enter, and chain every chair, bench or climbing device to the ground so she can't slide those into the closet and discover the hidden markers. WE ARE DONE WITH MARKERS! Poor Kinsley, she'll only get those coveted coloring items when Rylan is asleep because momma ain't playing around anymore. 

But you know what? Despite how many times I had to take a deep breath and remember she's just a baby....I love her. And I forgave her, hugged her and loved her because these are moments I'll look back on and laugh at. It may take me a few years, but one day I bet I will! While I have no visual evidence to show you of her "artistic side" today (I was took angry to think about documenting this!) and thankfully everything has made it out from cleaning OK, I did capture this little girl right after her little piggies got a bath and I went on a marker hiding spree. I just love her, and although she can make our life a little crazy at times, I love her to death. 

So yes, Rylan...momma loves you even though you think anything WHITE in our house is free game to unleash your inner Picasso. Maybe momma needs to stop loving things that are white. Or maybe you just need to get your act together ;) We've got at least 17 more years together, so maybe at some point between then and now you can learn to not color of everything that is WHITE?!

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