Friday, August 11, 2017

Hair Caddy for Busy Mornings

With school season kicking off in full swing, our morning routines have to become as simplified as possible. Trying to get three kids up, dressed (well at least one of them), fed and out the door to get Kinsley to school by 7:30am is going to feel like running a marathon every day. To keep me as organized as possible, and in case I need a pair of helping hands from Kyle or when my mom is in town, I put together a hair caddy for the kids. I love using these type of cutlery caddy's for all sorts of organization. They're convenient, they hold a lot of items and you can easily grab it and take it to any room. I don't always do Kinsley's hair in the bathroom. Most days, I'll do it while she's eating when I'm short on time, or when she's sitting on a stool watching a tv show. The fact I can carry this to any room, and know I have everything I could possibly need to do her hair helps me out so much!

Our caddy is from Target ($3), but not sure if they still sell them. It was with their summery/Fourth of July collection and haven't seen them anymore at our Target, but you can find these types of caddy's almost anywhere these days. In our caddy I have:
- hair detangle spray (I really like Suave's, because it's really inexpensive and we love the way it smells)
- hair gel (I use this if I'm doing a braid or something that I need her baby hairs to really stay down)
- hair spray (again, I use Suave because it's inexpensive and works well without making her hair crunchy)
- wet brush
- brush
- comb
- hair ties (multiple sizes and colors, depending on what kind of style I'm going to give her)
- bobby pins
- hair clips

I'll clip a few bows onto the caddy from time to time if it's one we've been using often and we grab the most. Or if I have one that coordinates with her outfit, that we pick out the day before, I'll clip it onto the caddy to remember to add it into her hair in the morning.

And there you have our simple, easy to put together and very helpful hair caddy! If you're struggling every morning to get your kid out the door, make your life a little bit easier (ha!) by putting together caddy's that will help keep you on track, organized and not shuffling around the house looking for a hair tie.

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