Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

My kids are probably the luckiest kids I know. And, well, I am too. We have Kyle. There's only one of him and that makes us the lucky ones because he is beyond amazing. I can't thank him enough (and I don't say it nearly enough) for EVERYTHING that he does for our family...for his kids...because of the goodness in his heart and love that he has for all of us. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but for all these big family moments I can't help but think back to his heart surgery- when there was a time I feared what my future would look like and if Kyle would be alive. I think back to that day in the hospital, waiting for news that the surgery was over. Or when I saw him for the first time after the surgery. That paralyzingly memory of him laying there, with all these tubes coming out of him and machines everywhere...it gave me a whole new appreciation for life and for Kyle. So today I want to dote on him because I can :) 

Kyle is the kind of dad who willingly will go do the grocery shopping, just so I don't have to because he knows how exhausted and tired I am. He'll even take the girls WITH him to do the shopping just so I can have a break for a bit. Kyle is the kind of dad who makes breakfast, lunch and dinner when I can't, and never once complains about it. He picks up the kitchen, does the dishes and will even pack lunches if needed. (He even remembers to make a special note to put in the lunch box). He's the kind of guy who despite waking up at 4:30am, working all day, going to basketball practice and working on a million things for his team, will come home and pick up where he's needed without batting an eye. He'll give the girls their bath, put their pj's on, brush their teeth, read them books, sing them songs, say prayers with them, scratch their back, and play referee for an hour before they finally fall asleep. And yes- that's just a normal day for him. I can't go without mentioning he also was the dance class transporter once Weston was born, the 5 year old birthday party taker, hand holding parent at the doctor, and would drive out in the pouring rain to get us dinner just so I wouldn't have to drag all three kids with me. He plans Disney trips, schedules fast passes and makes sure the kids have a "magical" experience every time we go. Oh, and he has a giant Barbie Dreamhouse in his office because he wanted the girls to have something they could play with if they wanted to hang out by him during the day while he worked. 

His love for his kids is indescribable. He's the type of guy I always dreamed of, but never knew really existed. He makes parenting look easy, and I honestly couldn't be the parent that I am without him. To be honest...he does so much more for those kids right now than I do, when this phase of Weston's life is so demanding and challenging. Where I lack right now, Kyle is always there to pick up the pieces. He shows our kids that parenting is all about teamwork, because let's face it...parenting is HARD WORK! It's a never ending, full time job that deals with handling every emotion one could feel in a 24 hour time frame. But he makes sure our kids know how much they are loved and how proud we are of them every single day.

Kyle, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't say it enough! Thank you for this life. For giving me the family I always wanted, and blessing us every day with just being who you are. You are what holds this family together and hearing the girls scream "daddy!!!" when they see you pull into the driveway will never get old. Those girls adore you, and I feel sorry for their future significant other because they will never, ever measure up to their daddy...but I certainly hope they will come close. And Weston- I still can't even believe we have a son. The first time you held him I think my heart stopped beating for a split second. It was a moment I envisioned for years- you holding your son, and there it was right before my eyes. Our final and last baby was a perfect little boy, and I can't wait to watch your relationship develop over the years. I know he's going to be your best bud and you are going to love doing guy things with him :) 

Happy Fathers Day!

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