Monday, April 17, 2017

Weston's Birth Story

They say the last month of pregnancy is the equivalent to 5 years. I don't know if anyone actually says that, but it certainly feels that way. Maybe it's because I was certain I would give birth way before my due date, maybe it's because I had had contractions for so long that I knew I wouldn't last much longer, but I the last few weeks were miserable for me. And every day that came and went and no sign of baby coming, I was depressed. But they say all good things come to those who wait...and a baby will come when they are ready....and well, that certainly is the truth! 

Wednesday, April 5th, I was 3 days past due. I had had some pretty regular contractions mostly in the morning, every 12-15 minutes, but would come and go so I wasn't getting my hopes up. I had a doctors appointment that afternoon and was praying for some signs of improvement and that the end was near. I was 3-4 cm dilated, and decided to schedule an induction for the following morning. I really didn't want to be induced as I've never had to be before, and just the idea of the unknown scared me. I prayed that something would happen overnight and I wouldn't have to be induced. (Be careful what you wish for!) Kyle and I came home from my appointment and the contractions started happening. Every 7-10 minutes apart, and pretty strong. I started feeling hopeful...maybe THIS is it?! They lasted all night and Kyle decided we would have his mom come over in case we needed to leave soon. Well, as soon as she got there they started letting up. Happening every 12-15 minutes apart, sometimes longer. I was getting really discouraged and decided it would be best if I just went to bed and got some sleep while I could. Kyle's mom decided to stay over at our house, in case something happened and was already there regardless for my induction. 

At about 2:50am I woke up to this crazy sharp pain. It was a mixture of a contraction and a really, really bad cramp on my side. I could barely roll over to stand up but forced myself to because I was in so much pain. The second I stood up I felt this pop, and a small amount of fluid came flowing out. I wasn't sure if my water broke (because it wasn't some large gush) or if I had peed my pants. I determined it wasn't pee, but wasn't entirely sure what it was. Then the contractions happened. Intense contractions coming every 3-5 minutes, so intense I was fighting back tears it hurt so bad. After having three consistent contractions I woke Kyle up and said we gotta go! He quickly got out of bed, woke his mom up, and we made our way to the car. 

There was something kind of peaceful about the drive there. Nobody was on the road and we made it to the hospital in 10 minutes. I remember while fighting through contractions, looking out on the river and seeing the Kennedy Space Center and all the beauty of the stillness of the river. I had Kyle call labor and delivery on our way there to give them a heads up (best decision ever!!) and I kind of had this feeling that things were about to get really crazy. I prayed we would make it there in time, that I would be able to get an epidural...but I kind of knew what was to come. 

Walking into the hospital and waiting to get sent up to labor & delivery seemed like sheer torture. Every step I took I could feel him creeping down into my pelvis. We finally made it into our delivery room at 3:50am. The contractions were coming and coming very fast. After the usual Paperwork, sign this, sign that, change into a gown, get hooked up, get an IV going...I got the news that I didn't have time for an epidural. I remember saying "noooooo! Don't tell me that!". I was already 7-8 cms dilated and the pain was coming and contractions were not letting up. Something in me changed at that moment I knew I wasn't going to have any pain relief. I went into this primal woman, survival mode. My nurse was absolutely AMAZING and honestly was the biggest help in getting me through it. I remember when my doctor finally arrived and she asked if I felt like pushing I instantly said "YES!!". And before I knew it I was pushing this baby out. 

You can't really describe what it feels like to give birth naturally. You become this completely different person. I don't think I've ever screamed the way I did that morning. I don't think I've ever mustarded up enough courage and strength to get through the contractions. I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself as I was in that moment. Because despite how bad it hurts, and that "ring of fire" feeling, once the baby comes out it's like this insanely crazy high you feel to finally hold your baby. It's almost like all the pain you just felt instantly goes away. The second I held my baby boy, I was in love. My heart exploded and created this 4th section dedicated just for him. And it finally felt complete. My three babies and my husband... 

At 4:42am our son was born. Weston Kyle, was 8 pounds 15.6 ounces (almost 9 lbs), 20.5 inches long. He was our biggest baby and worth every ounce of pain. Less than an hour after arriving at the hospital (half of it was spent doing paperwork and getting ready), our son was in my arms. It all happened so fast, and I remember feeling so shocked at what just happened. He was perfect. Absolutely perfect. 

We were left alone for almost an hour to bond with our baby. It was an incredible experience and a first for us to have so much alone time right after he was born. Nobody came to whisk him away and weigh him, nobody needed to mess with him...it was amazing. The first time Kyle held him was a moment I'll never forget. I could just see them together in a few years, watching basketball, playing golf, doing guy things together and being Kyle's best bud. It was a moment I prayed about for years, to have a son for Kyle, and all my dreams came true that day. 

After the hour was up, they took Weston to the nursery to get weighed and checked out. I had time to get a shower and cleaned up, and moved into my recovery room. Our room was amazing, had the best view and I remember watching the sunrise over the city. It was beautiful. After a few hours (which seemed like an eternity), Weston finally was brought back into the room and got loved on constantly from there on out. 

My mom arrived from Ft. Myers just when he got brought into my room. And then later that day the girls and Kyle's parents got to meet our baby boy. I couldn't wait for the girls to meet him and their reaction to him was more than I could have ever dreamed of. They love him, especially Rylan! Having us all together just made everything in my heart feel complete. 

Because he was on the larger side, weight wise, he had to have his blood sugar tested for the first 24 hours. Poor thing constantly had his heels pricked and still have spots on them. Also, he had a slight heart murmur when they first checked him out. Considering Kyle's heart history, it really worried me, but we were told it's very common and more than likely will go away in the first 24 hours. 
Our first night went exceptionally well! He slept pretty well, and was getting the hang of nursing. All in all, it was a great first night! I barely slept because I couldn't stop starring at him. The next day, Friday, he had his circumcision and was pretty out of it after that. He slept most of the day, and wasn't very interested in nursing, but finally got an appetite worked up. The pediatrician from the hospital came in, said his heart murmur had gone away (yay!) and if he could get two blood sugar readings above 50 that we could go home that night. Well little man measured well, and we were cleared to go home! 

Kyle and the girls came to the hospital to pick us up and take us home. They were so excited their brother was coming home and so was I! The car ride was so surreal, to see three little babies sitting back there. Three precious faces that Kyle and I created, and all the future memories we would make as a family of 5 kept filling my heart with so much pride. I was their momma. These were my babies. 
When we got home, Kinsley gave Weston a tour of the house. It was so cute, and she was so proud to show him everything...especially their playroom. And then we all settled in and got the girls tucked in bed (although they were soooooo hyper) and began this crazy journey of raising our three little birdies. 

Weston, you have filled our hearts with so much love and your daddy and I just can't get over how perfect you are. Your sisters adore you and will probably always be protective over you. You are in good hands with them! You are my dream come true, and truly have completed our family. We love you, bud! 

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