Thursday, March 16, 2017

What's In My Hospital Bag

In case you missed it, I shared our hospital bag for baby boy earlier this week. Today I'm sharing what I'm taking to the hospital for myself. Like I mentioned in that post, reading about what other people take to the hospital is one of my favorite things to read. Having gone through this twice, and now almost three times, I know what I really do need for myself for a few day stay and try to keep it as simple as possible.

With Kinsley, I remember packing everything under the sun: full on makeup bag, hair tools, my own towels, the entire snack aisle at Walgreens, and so much more. And what did I use? Like NONE of it. You would think having had the Nordstrom Beauty counter at the touch of my finger, I would have looked damn good. But instead, if I could burn those pictures I would. I looked horrid. Like to the point it's questionable if I was a new mom, or a teenage boy. WOOF!

With Rylan, I remember taking the bare minimum, and still had too much of some stuff, and not enough of others. I kept my clothing much more "visitor friendly" (cough cough bright yellow pjs that showed every inch of those lovely mesh undies and a giant pad trapped inside when you stood up like I wore when Kinsley was born cough cough). And I only brought a few makeup items to not completely scare everyone away. It was refreshing!!

Now I've taken what I would or would not have done differently with each of the girls, and compiled my list and packed my bags.

Bag: I got this for Kyle for Christmas, but totally called dibs on it for my hospital bag. It's the perfect size, and fits everything I need.

Clothing: I know for awhile after the baby is born I'll more than likely be wearing that dreaded hospital gown until I know visitors will start rolling in. Nursing bras (padded, no wire bras are my favorite), nightgowns and pajama sets (like this. this and this) that are nursing friendly and don't look to embarrassing when visitors come. I bought myself a pretty robe this time around, because it's an easy cover-up when you're nursing the baby and I wanted something special for myself this time around. And of course, a coming home outfit- although I know I will immediately take it off and put on yoga pants the second I walk in our house.

Extras: Obviously toiletries are needed (a little bit of makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste, dry shampoo, etc..), a pair of old flip flops to walk around in and in the bathroom (because eww...gross!). I'll throw in my wallet and camera when it's time to go and my phone charger because I need my electronic devices and can't fathom having a dead phone.

It really is really, really simple. Like I feel like I'm majorly forgetting something, but I know that I'll be lucky if I even wear all of these outfits I am taking. Keep it simple people, keep.it.simple.

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