Saturday, March 18, 2017

Newborn Baby Baskets for Around The House

I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and holy cow! I swear I blinked and then bam, here we are...just waiting patiently for little man's arrival. And boy do I feel so unprepared, which is totally not like me at all. I was doing pretty well, or so I thought. I thought I had a good head start on things with him, and was trying the "less is more" approach, but then in the last few weeks I started thinking about all these crazy things pregnant women think of late at night when they can't sleep. Ya know, like 
- I guess he's going to have to take a bath....so maybe I need to find something to actually put him in
- I'm going to nurse/pump (UGH), so maybe I should get the pump down and figure out if I need extra pieces for it
- He's going to require diapers so I should probably stock up before he arrives
I literally go to bed every night and tell Kyle all these crazy things that cross my mind that I need to do, and feel so overwhelmed that I'm running out of time to get them done. I know in the grand scheme of things it. don't. matter. at. all. But, for someone who once took pride in being super organized and overly prepared for things, this is driving me insane to feel so unprepared. So, to sum this all up and to end my completely unnecessary ramblings, I've been putting my nesting skills to the test.

Between cleaning everything I can with what little energy I have, and washing and folding little boy clothes, I came across the most genius idea of all time...essential baskets to put around the house for when baby arrives. I totally took the idea from Jordan & Co and it has helped my sanity in preparing for baby. I put together our own essential baskets for our family room and our bedroom, and of course all the necessities are already in his room so I didn't need to do one for that. 90% of the time I will probably be on our couch, wearing five day old shirts of my husbands that are covered in spit-up and leaky boob juice, and totally looking like a mom who is juggling three kids. So convenience is totally worth every penny in my book!

My baskets are with the idea that a newborn baby eats, pees, sleeps, SO I wanted to have the basics to take care of all those things without having to move from the spot I was in. So for feedings, I threw in burp cloths, nursing pads and nipple cream, with a change of clothes in case things get a little messy. To take care of changing him, I have a changing mat, diapers, a pee pee teepee (these things crack me up), diaper cream, a baby bum brush and hand sanitizer. And then for sleeping, I have a swaddle in each basket and a pacifier to help soothe him before I maneuver to get off the couch or out of bed with him. 

In our baskets are:
Sozo Weeblocks (which I am so bummed because I ordered a pack that had a basketball in it, but when it arrived it was a football. I guess the basketball was discontinued and they refunded us completely so it kind of all worked out in our favor!)
Wipes (I randomly discovered these at Target a few months ago and have been loving everything about them since)
Diapers (love these Seventh Generation diapers and the print on them is so darn cute)
Diaper Cream
Baby Bum Brush (I can't wait to not have my finger nails filled with diaper cream! Why didn't I know about this thing before???)
Changing Mat (I wanted something that I could wipe easily, not have to wash every other day and could carry over into my diaper bag. Love how soft the leather is on it)
Burp Cloths (we love the Green Sprouts burp cloths and the Burts Bees Organic ones. They are soooooo soft!)
Swaddle Blanket
Baby Brush
Nursing Pads
Nipple Cream
Hand Sanitizer

All that, times two, is what I have in each of those two rooms in our house. I also put together a postpartum basket that is in our bathroom with lots of pads, wipes, this spray to help cool things off and extra underwear...and then I'll add that amazing squirt bottle they give you at the hospital. That thing is a miracle worker and I wish I had kept it from the girls! I also have a basket next to our chair in our room for pumping, filled with extra bottles, milk storage tubes, nursing pads, wipes and snacks to munch on to cure the boredom of pumping. And then my last basket is our bath basket for the baby, filled with wash cloths, towels, diapers, wipes, soap and lotion, his grooming kit (that has nail clippers, a nasal aspirator, etc..) and a few other odds and ends we may need to get him squeaky clean. If I get around to it, I may share a look at those baskets but I'm starting to run out of time of all the things I want to share in the next two weeks!! Things are getting very, very real!

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