Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rylan's 2nd Birthday Planning

So, an entire month has gone by since my last post. Clearly I haven't been keeping up with this blog, or even taking weekly pictures of the baby bump this go around (sorry, buddy). But life with two kids, being pregnant, working 40 hours a week, driving around Miss Daisy (aka Kinsley) to and from school and dance classes, and a husband who is gone 70% of the time for his basketball team....the blog just takes a back seat. A very dusty, lonely back seat.

But thanks to pregnancy insomnia and an out of town husband who won't wake up and tell me to go back to sleep, I decided to work on some posts! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, which also means that Rylan is almost TWO!? Not quite sure how or when that happened, but man I can't even believe two years have almost gone by with that sweet, spunky and funny little girl. This year I am planning a unicorn party for her. I figured this might be the last girly party I'll get to decide myself what the theme is, so I'm going for it and I'm so excited to see it all come together. 

I think I'm most excited about the unicrown I ordered for her. I saw these on instagram awhile ago, and it kind of sparked my unicorn party inspiration...just because I wanted the girls to have one. Hey, you gotta start with a vision somehow, right? 

I ordered her a ruffle sleeved leotard and found a mint tulle skirt on clearance at Target from the Cat & Jack line for her to wear. It's going to be so darn cute. 

Our parties are usually pretty small and I only stick to family, which is how I like them. Less people, less mess, less stress, so I'm planning on just a few food options and LOTS of yummy desserts. I'm going to convince my mom to work her magic and make a unicorn cake for Rylan, and some super cute unicorn horn cupcakes. You can check out a lot of my inspiration on my Pinterest board. 

For her presents, we're going to stick to just a few things. The girls toys are out of control, even after purging quite a bit, so the thought of more of them just makes me cringe so we're not going overboard. Here is our gift list for her this year:

Kinsley picked out the VTech unicorn for her sister, which probably is because she is the one who really wants to play with it. Rylan loves her "babies" and is a stuffed animal lover. She usually sleeps on her pink bear like it's a pillow, so when I saw the giant pink unicorn I knew I needed it. If nothing else, maybe she'll use it as a bigger "pillow" for her bed. The white unicorn was just too cute, and I thought I could use it as a table decoration, too, and with a 15% coupon code I pulled the trigger. I've been wanting to get the girls the Uni the Unicorn book, but just never got around to it. I thought this would be a cute guest book and have everyone write Rylan a special birthday message in it for her. And her "big" present this year is a new trike. We have a hand-me-down pink one that we used for Kinsley, but it doesn't have a push attachment and has seen better days. After bending over and pushing Rylan on it in my third trimester, I about died of exhaustion and my belly was not happy for being bent over for some long. I told Kyle we are getting her one with the push attachment because I just can't do it. So bingo..the perfect birthday present for her. We're going with a red one so we can use it again for baby boy in a few years and not EVERYTHING he gets handed down will be pink and girly. 

Rylan also got her big girl bed which was another special present, and I promise a tour of the girls shared room is coming very, very soon!

I can't wait to celebrate with my little magical unicorn in two weeks. And I'm sure I'll be all sorts of emotional for this birthday and soaking up all the memories of this day as her being the baby for only a short time more. 

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  1. So had the time gone?😮
    Rylan is already 2 years old?
    She is a fantastic little girl. Magical unicorn party will be super fan! 😃