Thursday, February 16, 2017

Girls Shared Room Tour

Over the summer, Kinsley begged me to let Rylan sleep in her room one night. So with a lot of convincing, Kyle took apart Rylan's crib and moved it into Kinsley's room for a weekend sleepover. It worked out great, surprisingly, and after a good hour and  half of them chatting away with each other, they finally fell asleep and slept all night. After a few nights though, I decided to separate them because Kinsley would wake up much earlier than Rylan, which would then wake Rylan up earlier than usual and make for a cranky kid most of the morning. But then a few months ago, we decided to give it a go again after Kinsley begged us to let her back in her room. Her reasons were very valid:
1. I get lonely in here by myself
2. Rylan is my best friend
3. I like her sleeping in my room

Great points, kid. Great points. And they worked. So back we went to assembling the crib in Kinsley's room. It has worked out so much better than I ever anticipated and the idea of having them together in the same room just makes all my having two girls dream come true. We recently upgraded Rylan's crib to a twin sized bed so the baby has a place to sleep. While we still are trying to get her adjusted to the freedom of getting in and out of bed, not taking every stuffed animal into her bed and not to escape her room, Rylan is loving her new big girl status. And having a space to actually crawl into bed with her and cuddle just makes it even more sweet. 

So here is a tour of their room. It's not the biggest room to have two twin beds in, so taking photos isn't the easiest, but man I love this room. It just makes me so happy, and I can hear all the giggles are chatter coming from their room at night every time I walk by it. I still want to find a light fixture or cute fan to switch out with what was here when we moved in. Yes, it's a yellow as it looks in the picture and drives me insane. One day...one day.

My favorite part of their rooms would have to be their beds. Kinsley has a ballerina duvet and Rylan got the princess duvet (can be found here). They look so darn cute when they're fast asleep, covered up and looking like pure royalty. I also love the pink walls. I never thought I would have pink walls in my house, but per Kinsley's request we found the perfect shade for their girly room.

 I swear Rylan really does like her bed. She was NOT feeling laying there for me to take a picture.

Here are the sources for their room:
Beds- Walmart
Duvet Covers- Little Circus (ballerina and princess)
Animal heads: Target (unicorn and cat)
Knobs on dresser: Hobby Lobby
Painting on dresser: Hobby Lobby
Rug: Rugs USA


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  1. Love the room! Those blankets are gorgeous, and it is so sweet that Kinsley wants her little sister in there so much!