Monday, November 7, 2016

Things I'm Loving

Anyone else feel like the weekends just fly on by? I mean they always have, but more so than ever I feel like I blink and it's Monday morning. Kyle just started his basketball season last week with tryouts and finally has an official team. As excited as I am for him, that also means daddy is gone a lot more and his brain is anywhere but here when he is home. The life of a basketball coach's wife! Maybe we can schedule some time together in April to, ya know, have this baby ;) But I can't wait to see how his first season here in Titusville plays out and hopefully the girls and I can make it to as many games as we can. I guess that means it's time to start shopping for Maroon & Gold! (as a Gator fan I never thought I'd be happy to buy those color combinations). I took some photos of him for work and they got me all googley-eyed and heart-eyed over here.

The girls are officially roomies...again. We moved Rylan's bed into Kinsley's room over the summer on a whim, and while it worked out fine, Kinsley just woke up so much earlier than Rylan and that resulted in both of them waking up super early and I just couldn't handle. So they went back to separate quarters and I never heard the end of it. So in preparation for baby boy's arrival, I decided to bunk the girls back up, give the baby his own room and still have a playroom space for the kids. Trying to keep every.single.toy in their designated room, that have millions of tiny little pieces (I'm looking at you Barbie Dreamhouse!) was driving me INSANE. And it doesn't help that they have WAY too many toys, so I said we're keeping a playroom for my sanity. I did a massive toy purge, toy organization and am working on a cute space for the girls to play, make a mess, and then I can just close the door ;) In preparation of Rylan giving up her crib for her new baby brother, I've been pinning and online shopping for her new big girl bed to match her sisters. I love Kinsley's ballerina bedding and am thinking about getting Rylan the matching princess bedding for Christmas. 
I want to keep it girlie, but give it a more big girl update as they're both going to be BIG SISTERS! I guess that means Rylan is not as much a baby anymore :(

I have not bought a single item for this baby, which is crazy because with Kinsley I already own half of Target, Old Navy, had her bedding and room like 50% done.....poor fella. So when we were at Target this weekend, I thought what the heck? Why not take a gander at the baby stuff just to see what they have. I don't know if it's the reality of actually having a boy or just pregnancy hormones, but my heart was going pitter patter over just about everything. So of course, I had to buy stuff because my motherly love was craving it. Kinsley picked out an outfit for him and kept saying "Baby W____ is going to be so cute in this mommy! He's going to love it because I'm his big sister!". Yes, baby. Yes, he is. 
 I can't even handle the Cat & Jack line at Target. It's my favorite for the girls and then seeing it in miniature boy sizes just set me over the edge. Sooo....if anyone is looking for baby boy stuff..... (hint hint). 

I also picked up this adorable pom pillow and these gold monogram ornaments. Is it too soon to decorate for Christmas?? Because I really want to!

I've been doing a lot of purging, re-organizing and crossing things off my house list like crazy. Something about a new baby that just puts a fire under your butt to finally get things done. Although I feel like I'm doing them at snail speed because I'm doing them mainly by myself since Kyle is gone so much now, but I am motivated to get them done! 
- I've gotten about 30% of the house painted, so I still need to finish that
- In my dream world, I would paint our kitchen cabinets and hang some open shelving on our bare wall
- Paint the baby's room
- Paint the kids bathroom
- Landscape outside
- Create the kids play area outside
- Hang our patio lights
- Build an outdoor table
- Paint out front door
- Get new appliances (the all white just ain't doing it for me)

See...I'm insane. But really, I want to do them all!!!! Reality is, probably won't all happen between now and April. Unless we win a million dollars and can hire someone to do it all for us. Any takers??And this is where I will leave off with the most random, all over the place, post. 

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