Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. My Halloween decorations have been out since 9/1, and I'm really sad to even think about taking them down. This year has been the most laid back Halloween. Usually we take the girls to a pumpkin patch, make special Halloween treats, plan a family costume for trick-or-treating....and this year we've done none of those things. But just like Taylor Swift, I gotta Shake it Off! We still had a great Halloween, and the girls costumes were totally adorable.

We carved our pumpkin, very last minute, the night before and thankfully they wanted the easiest pumpkin of all.

Halloween day Kinsley wore her Halloween best. They don't celebrate at her school, but we still got to wear something fun and festive. And a totally adorable pose came along with it.
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This year the girls went as Super Girls. Little did I know how trendy this theme would be, but hey...thanks to McDonald's for giving me an awesome Wonder Woman headband a few months ago that sparked all of my inspiration. I made Pretty much every part of Kinsley's costume (minus sewing together a leotard, making a pair of tights and learning how to craft up cowboy boots). The tutu was made from a headband and lots of blue tulle. I glued paper stars onto the skirt, taped the Wonder Woman logo onto the logo with yellow duct tape and made wristbands out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper. Her cape was just cut from cheap fabric from Walmart and tied around her neck. So easy and simple, and so cute!

Rylan was Cat Woman, and although she refused to wear a tail....and I ended up being a cat, too because she refused to put makeup on unless she saw me do it too....she was just as adorable. Missing cat tail and all.

They had a blast walking around our neighborhood. Rylan stuck to wagon riding while her sister got all the candy for the both of them. Kinsley was so sweet, and just melted our hearts. She would take candy she got, out of her bucket, and put some in Rylan's bucket so she had enough candy, too. I wanted to cry. How many 4 year olds would WILLINGLY take their candy out of their bucket and give to their little sister? Not many! The bugs were getting bad once it got dark, so we didn't go too crazy with keeping them out late.

We got home and sorted through all the candy. They each got a few pieces of candy (bad idea), and then Kyle's brother and NEW FIANCE, and her daughter, stopped by for a bit. The girls all had a blast playing, delaying bed time and running around on a serious sugar high. It was almost 9:00 before they even were in bed...and I was seriously about to jump into the alligator infested lake behind our house. It was madness...sheer madness.

But then I sat down, and looked at all the pictures from the night and wouldn't change anything about that night. It was perfect. Late night, sugar highs, crazy kids and all. I know these Halloween's aren't going to last forever where they want to go with mommy and daddy, and we hold each others hands around the neighborhood and enjoy our time as a family. I wouldn't change these moments for anything. Because I know they aren't going to last long, but at least I get another baby soon to prolong the inevitable :)We are so blessed with the kids we have. I love them more than anything in this world.

Hope you all had a wonderful night and fun and scares!

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