Sunday, October 2, 2016

13 Weeks

Another week has come and gone. Tomorrow I'll actually be 14 weeks, but this week flew by without having a chance to get a baby picture. And can I give a huge shoutout to Kinsley, my new photographer?? I'm a little shocked she a. can function my camera and b. actually take a picture where my head AND belly are all in the same shot. She needs some work on her hand stabilization, but all in all I'm satisfied. She's amazing, but not for hire...yet!

How far along: 13 weeks 
Total Weight Gain: ~3 pounds 
Maternity clothes: some shorts and shirts, to cover the even expanding belly :) 
Best moment of the week: Finally NOT being sick!! I got a stomach bug/virus/awful sickness Tuesday and was out for the count for a few days. I finally am feeling like myself again! 
Miss anything: There are plenty of nights where I could use a glass of wine 
Food cravings: Nothing really. Just really cold drinks, and cold fruit. And really salty chips. 
Anything make you sick or queasy: After getting over my illness, I'll take my usual morning sickness issues ANY day!
Have you started to show: YES! 
Gender: I have a feeling what the babe is, but am keeping my lips shut (or fingers) 
Labor signs: Oh lord, no! 
Belly button in or out: Mostly in, but a little tiny part of the top of my belly button is showing 
Wedding rings on or off: on! 
Happy or moody: I feel like I'm a good balance of both ;) 

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender (hopefully) a week from tomorrow!!!!

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