Thursday, September 22, 2016

Quick Mommy Makeup Favorites

Having to get adjusted to a whole new morning routine of getting dressed, kids dressed, kids fed and out the door by 7:45am was a little crazy. Especially when you a. are not used to even having a timed routine in the morning and b. are suffering through a first trimester, making yourself look presentable can be a little overwhelming that early in the morning. So here is my go-to, every day, quick mommy makeup look. Sometimes I'll change up the BB/CC cream and actually use a mineral powder foundation, or I'll add bronzer and change up the lip color, but this is the basics.

Washing your face and applying moisturizer is my first step. Some mornings "washing my face" means splashing cold water on my face and calling it a day. 

For my face, I always use some type of BB or CC cream. It's super easy, very lightweight and has an SPF in it...which for a fair skinned Florida girl, it's KEY! Under eye concealer is a must for any momma! I usually splurge on Makeup Forever's concealer, but found this MUCH cheaper alternative at Target and really like it! My go-to blush is MAC's Well Dressed. Pretty sure this is the only blush I've faithfully used for multiple years. My absolutely favorite product is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. It's a splurge, but worth every. single. penny. Anytime I wear it, I always gets compliments on how my skin looks like it is glowing...which is 50/50 pregnancy hormones and this product. The far left color I apply all over my face like a setting powder. The middle, lightest color, I apply under my eyes and to my cheekbones like a highlighter. And the far right color I use as a bronzer to give a slight glow to my face. It's amazing!

For my eyes I keep it simple. Some days I skip eyeliner completely and just use mascara, but if I'm feeling slightly less awful than I typically do...I'll spice it up and apply it. My favorite eyeliner is Loreal's Lineur Intense. I'm a liquid liner kind of gal...always have been and always will be (thanks competitive dancing). My current mascara obsession is from Beautycounter. It's seriously the most amazing mascara I've used in a long time.

For my lips, my basic color for before 8:00am is Root Pretty's Waverly Pretty Balm. It's a great barely there color, but enough color to not make me look like a vampire. 
I spy little fingers eagerly awaiting their makeup time!

Some of my favorites if I'm getting a little more put together are:
MAC Sweetie & Plumful Lipstick

All of the items I've listed above (including my extra products listed) were used in this makeup look. My lipstick was MAC's Plumful. This was just a few days after I found out I was pregnant, back in JULY!

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