Monday, September 26, 2016

Our First Month of School

Sending your first child away has got to be the hardest. Whether it's to daycare, or a summer camp, or school....it's hard. And brings up so many emotions, like how did we get to this point of life already?. Kinsley started VPK (4) this year and boy did it make me all sorts of anxious. She was so, so excited to start school, although I'm not entirely sure she knew what all she was getting herself into. We had a meet the teacher day so she could see her classroom, meet her teachers and fellow classmates. I was so excited for her, yet slightly terrified, but mostly excited. We spent the weekend prior to her first day picking out her clothes, getting her a new pair of shoes, and getting snacks and lunch supplies together. Her school doesn't let them wear dresses (unless they have leggings underneath), they have to wear sneakers and use a school tote for their papers. So although cute sandals, adorable backpacks were in my mind, we still had fun finding fun leggings and girly shoes for her.
Meet Your Teacher Day

The first week was quite the adjustment. Getting everyone out the door by 7:45am (including getting two kids dressed, two kids fed, a lunch packed, a bag ready...oh yea, and a very sick pregnant momma fed and ready) was CRAZY! And then coming home to only one kid for a few hours was so weird. But we're adjusted, and I can't lie...I like having some quiet time for a few hours every day. But man, I love seeing Kinsley smile when we pick her up in the car line after school. It's my favorite part of every day.

Kinsley absolutely LOVES school. She is the youngest kid in her class as most kids are already starting to turn 5 and she JUST turned 4. But that doesn't stop her, and she's having the time of her life. I love hearing all about her day, seeing all the activities she does in class and seeing how much she loves going. Makes letting go much easier when your child wants to go to school. 

I just love her, and am so proud of her.

The very first week she came home with a cold. I knew it was bound to happen, especially since she's never been in a  school environment before, I knew she'd quickly get sick. Well...the cold turned into a week long cold, which turned into a double ear infection that she battled for a good week, then her sister got the cold. But we're all healthy now (minus a 24 hour fever bug they both had this weekend), and she's only had to miss two days of school...so I'm pretty happy for that. Also, we have yet to be LATE and that is a major accomplishment :) Not gonna lie, I really like this new schedule of ours and doing the whole school thing. Rylan, you ready to start now. too?? ( Kidding! Kind of).

The Birthday Girl!

This is called "momma's not feeling good at ALL, but I still showed up to bring cookies to your class. And then we will always have this picture to document the moment"

My favorite story so far was when she spilled my pregnancy beans to entire class. Her teacher brought her to the car for pick-up, and says "Sooo Kinsley started a rumor today in class that her mommy has two babies in her belly, a boy and a girl. And now all the children think their mommy's have a baby in their belly! Is that true???" My eyeballs about popped out of my head, and then I just laughed and said yeah, I am! Surprise! (I was about 7/8 weeks along at that point). That had to be a fun car ride home for all the parents in her class. 

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