Thursday, September 29, 2016

Favorite Kids Lunch

One of our favorite lunch's around here is pretty darn simple. Change up the veggie or the fruit, and that instantly adds variety to the plate, but more than likely...in some form or version...this is exactly what they eat for lunch. 

My girls love lunch meat. Turkey, ham...they're not picky. I love to roll it up and let them munch on it. Sometimes I'll cube up some cheese to go with the lunch meat, or slice up cucumbers. Cucumbers are their FAVORITE! I give them a side of fruit, usually what I have on hand (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, grapes...), and then another veggie or pretzels.

Can I please have her eyelashes?
Rylan went to town on turkey, cucumbers, avocado and raspberries. My girls love raspberries and usually treat them like their fingers before inhaling them. She's my least picky eater so usually she's down for whatever I put in front of her.

My favorite plates for lunch time are from Re-Play. I love divided plates to portion out their sides, and for them to visually see what everything is. The Re-Play plates are my favorite and we have them in every color under the rainbow. Literally, because I bought the rainbow pack a year or so ago ;)

And there you have our simple, easy peasy, no thought required lunch!

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