Sunday, September 18, 2016

Exciting News

We are so excited to share today that we are expecting a 3rd baby! I am due April 2nd...just in time for the Final Four and to ruin Kyle's yearly trip for the rest of his life. This is the longest I've gone without sharing a pregnancy (I've known since JULY people!), and for some reason from the day I took that pregnancy test, I was very protective over this baby. Mainly I was protective because I was scared and nervous to even have a third child, and then part of me just wanted to keep it quiet this time around. To be honest...I took a pregnancy test on a whim because I had been really sick, felt really weird and we were about to go to a wedding (aka I was going to have a few adult beverages on a kid free weekend ;)) I knew I was being paranoid, and there was no way I would actually be pregnant, but in about three seconds...two pink lines showed up and confirmed that little voice I had in my head telling me to take a test. 

While a third baby was something I had always wanted, we were in no way trying or even expecting to add another baby right now. So this was a complete SURPRISE! I was in shock. I was so scared to tell Kyle...mainly for fear it might literally kill him (I had pictured telling him, and his heart literally bursting out of his chest like in some creepy action/horror movie). That situation did not happen, THANKFULLY, and while yes he was shocked, he handled it much better than I was anticipating. Of course my first area of concern was oh my gosh I'm going to have to get a mini van! (which I said I would never do), and then my next area of concern was what if it's another girl and that's THREE WEDDINGS!! Once the shock wore off, we told our parents the news and then kept it quiet for weeks to everyone else. Slowly we shared the news with our siblings, relatives and friends we saw in person...because it's very obvious I have a baby growing in my belly. And now here we are at 12 weeks and ready to share with you all! 

The girls are SO excited to have a new baby. Kinsley swore I was having twins (a boy and a girl), and cried for a good 5 minutes when we had to break her heart and tell her there was only one baby in there. Poor thing, it was legitimately the saddest thing to witness. It literally broke her heart. But now she's good...and wants another sister something fierce. I'm afraid if it's a boy it literally will break her heart. The girls both kiss my belly and Rylan always points to it and says "bah bee" (baby), and Kinsley tries to hear it every night inside my tummy. It's so sweet, and I know they are going to be the BEST big sisters. I have a strong feeling on the gender of the baby, so I'm anxious to see if I am right. Our doctor took a guess, but told us it really is too early to tell. It was fun to hear her prediction, though. 

I've had a less than fun first trimester. It's been nothing but constant nausea, extreme exhaustion and headaches. Each of my pregnancies have been so different, but this one has been the worst. There were days I would just lay on the couch and pray to God to just let the girls play nicely, and let me make it to bed time without either of them getting seriously hurt...because it was a real struggle to get through the day for me. That kind of explains why I've been so MIA on the blog, but I will attempt to keep up with it more. "Attempt" is the key word. We are so excited though and I can't wait for a new spring baby to love on :)

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