Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekend Recap

Oh the weekends just never are long enough, are they?
Man we had a jam packed weekend, filled with lots of trips, outings and adventures!

Tomorrow starts Kyle's first basketball camp that he has put together here in Titusville.
He's been crazy busy for the past month getting this all set-up and organized and has had WAY more kids sign up for it than he ever imagined.
I'm so, so happy for him and I think it's going to be nothing but a giant success for him.
SO, Friday was a much needed family night for us.
We made a trip to BJ's to get lots of snacks and drinks for the concession stand at the school.
And while we made the 30 minute trip down there, we decided to grab dinner at Port Canaveral with the girls.
The food was amazing...the company? Not so much.
It was getting late, the girls were a hot mess, Kinsley was throwing some major attitude and of course...I was stressed out by all these events.
The weekend before, Kinsley asked if Rylan could sleep in her room.
I thought, why not? We'll give it a shot!
So I made Kyle take her crib apart, move it into Kinsley's room, put it back together, and hope for the best and that we wouldn't be up all night long.
They did surprisingly well, so we kept them bunked up for a few days.
I thought it would be a permanent change, but after numerous days in a row of BOTH kids beyond tired, grumpy, and cranky as all heck...I said Kyle, I have to separate them!
So, yea...the ending of our Friday was spent moving beds around AGAIN, and listening to Kinsley cry and sob over Ry Ry leaving her room.
It made me feel awful, because she was legitimately upset over it all, but they both slept so so so much better and the grumpies seemed to go away for good!
In a nutshell, as much as they loved sleeping together and how adorable it was, I'm just not ready for it.
And we have plenty of rooms so I'm not rushing into the whole sharing a room thing just yet.

Saturday I made the girls mango, banana and orange smoothies with cinnamon rolls and eggs.
We were heading into Orlando to grab some goodies for Kyle's camp that morning, so I wanted to make sure we all had a good breakfast.
We all got dressed, loaded the car, and spent the morning shopping around Orlando.
Daddy's idea of shopping is at Nike Outlets.
The girls idea of shopping at Nike Outlets? Playing hide and go seek in all the clothes racks and making funny faces in all the mirrors on the ground.
While we were over there, we decided to take the girls to IKEA to play in the toy section.
Rylan was obsessed with the abacus, and Kinsley wanted a cash register.
Neither of them got anything (pretty sure that was the first time I've gone to IKEA and NOT bought anything) and we got back home in time for lunch. 
Rylan decided naps on Saturdays are for babies, and was up all. day. long!
We had a few more errands to run, and then went up to Kyle's high school to unload all the snacks, put drinks in the fridge to cool, and let the girls run around crazy.
By the time we were done, it was dinner time so we grilled up some hot dogs and kept it really simple.
Outdoor eating was at Kinsley's request, so we enjoyed a nice break and some fresh air.
Well, some HOT, fresh air ;)
Rylan was on the hot mess express for the rest of the night and bedtime could not come soon enough. 

This morning I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, one of our favorite meals of all time.
I knew this coming week was going to be insane with Kyle's camp going on all day, Kinsley starting "Princess Camp" in the mornings, and mouths to be fed, so I needed a day to organize the house, get some laundry done, and prepare for the week.
I worked on some felt food for Kinsley and Rylan's kitchen and I've discovered that making felt food is my absolute favorite thing to do in the world. 
I love it!
I was so excited to show Kinsley my creation, so I put it on the table and she comes running in. 
She sits down, grabs the fork and stuffs a piece of play tortellini in her mouth.
I was like Kinsley NO! That's not real food!?
And she goes "oh, I thought it was!"
Definitely a good sign it's pretty realistic then ;)
We ran a few more errands, mainly for Kyle, and took Kinsley to see the dance studio where "Princess Camp" is going to be.
She was upset it wasn't actually today, and had to wait a whole day more to go!

We had dinner, gave the kids a nice long, bubble bath in our bathtub, got everyone cuddled up in our bed to watch a movie (a Ghost movie by Kinsley's request. I'm pretty pumped she's already in the Halloween spirit), and enjoyed a few moments of family time before Tornado Rylan decided laying still was for the birds.
So on to brushing teeth and getting everyone in bed. 
I feel all sorts of emotions with Kinsely starting a camp tomorrow. 
I'm so excited for her, but yet so nervous for myself...because this will be the first time she's been gone for multiple hours, every single day during the week. 
I know she will have a blast and she probably won't even miss me, but I have a feeling I may be that sappy mom who cries the whole way home because I miss her so much.
Geesh- I don't even know what I'm going to do when she starts VPK in a few weeks!!!
Ugh, why can't she stay little forever?!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
I know our week is going to be I-N-S-A-N-E-L-Y busy, but I'm looking forward to all the fun stories and memories that will be made.

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