Sunday, July 3, 2016

{our nest} Simple Fourth of July Decorations

If you've been around this blog from year to year, you know I love any reason to decorate.
Whether it be for a holiday, a birthday or some special occasion, I just love to decorate.
Plus it helps curb my desire to re-arrange furniture, or switch our rugs or other random stuff I typically do all the time.
The Fourth of July is a great time to whip out any red white and blue you can find.
You can either go crazy with it, or keep it simple.
This year, I kept it pretty simple and really only used flags, one banner and some cute pillows...all from Target's Dollar Spot. (or whatever they call it now). 
So this is to show that just a few items, can really make your house feel festive for any holiday/special occasion.

Here are some of my tips to get it simple in your house:
Group things together. 
For instance, I purchased a few bags of the little American flags at Target. I used one of our girls plastic mason jar cups to store them all, and it creates a really easy and fun centerpiece. Sometimes i put it on their play table, when they're napping I put it on our coffee table (so the flags are less likely to go parading around the house by little hands), or display it on our kitchen bar. For under $3.00, this is a really easy way to show your patriotism. 

Spread things out.
While I have a collection of flags to display (in my group things together tip), I also took one pack of flags and spread them around the house. Stick them in vases, add it onto a shelf display, stick it in your utensil jar in your kitchen...the possibilities are endless and easily adds a festive flare to your space. For $1.00, I used one pack of flags and made three different rooms in my house feel patriotic.

Update Pillows.
I am a pillowholic. Meaning, I like me some pillows and think it's one of the easiest ways to pep up a space for the holidays. I buy most of our pillow covers from H&M because they're super cheap and always cute. The red pillow covers on our couch are from H&M, and the blue covers on our patio chairs are as well (same print, too). I also found at Target some really adorable lumbar pillows to make our patio feel homey and ready for the Fourth of July. If pillow aren't your thing, maybe change out a throw blanket for something red or blue.

You don't have to break the bank, or have bins of decor to hang on to to decorate for a holiday. I know some people find it pointless (and I think they may be from Mars, hehe ;)), but I always love my home to feel fun and happy and homey. Holidays just give me more reason to do it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend, and may lots and lots of watermelon be consumed :)

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