Friday, July 1, 2016

Beautycounter Review {Kids Collection} and A New Venture

If you know me, then you know I absolutely LOVE using organic, safe, natural products, especially when it comes to my kids. Back after Kyle and I got married, I stumbled across the blog Young House Love. I became obsessed, wanted to quit having a full time job and become a DIY Blogger with Kyle. Well...that dream didn't quite pan out, and after staining our massive dining room table (which turned into a two week project) I realized the DIY thing just wasn't my calling;) But,  I did pick up a lot of pointers from them. I remember reading her post about going green, switching out lots of common household items for safer, greener options. And from that day on...5 years later...I still try and use glass food storage, only use natural cleaners and natural beauty products on my girls. So although I failed miserably at the hubby/wife blog thing, I did learn how to go green!

Safer & cleaner has become such a popular topic for many people and it makes me all giddy and happy inside. I love feeling good about what I'm putting on my girls and into my house. When a friend of Kyle's approached me to try Beautycounter Kids Bath Collection,  I was totally for it. She mailed me her full size bottles of the Kids Collection (Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash) to try for a week, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when they came. Once bath time rolled around, I couldn't contain my excitement to try them out. After 1 use...ONE USE...I was in love. Absolutely sold on how great these products truly were. The smell, the feel, the gentleness....loved.it.all.

Kinsley and Rylan both have bumpy, rough patches on the back of their arms, and Rylan from time to time can get eczema flare ups. Moral of the story, they have sensitive skin and a lot of heavily fragrant washes, or non-gentle formulas I steer far, far away from. I literally could not get over how AMAZING the body wash was. A little tiny drop lathered into more than ANY other body wash ever did, even when I had to use twice as much product. The light fragrance is citrusy and sweet, and made my girls smell like heaven afterwards. Kinsley got the royal bath treatment with shampoo and conditioner, too. It is very light and gentle, but cleans so well. Her hair was silkier and easier to comb the tangles out, without even needing a detangled spray. The next morning after her hair had dried, it was SO shiny! I kept feeling it like what did I use last night? And when I remembered I used Beautycounter, the lightbulb went off. Ah HA! It was BEAUTYCOUNTER that made her hair look this amazing!!!!

Ok, I literally could go on and on and on about how much I absolutely LOVED these three products. I didn't want to return them back to our friend, but alas I did. So I thought about it, and thought about it some more...and I knew I was going to purchase these products regardless.....
And then once our friend asked me if I'd be interested in learning the business side of Beautycounter, I knew this was it. This was something I wanted to be a part of, to spread knowledge to others and get these products in other peoples hands. Guys...I became a Beautycounter Consultant because:
1. I love these products oh so much
2. They are absolutely amazing
3. Do your research, and you will know why you need to check out Beautycounter!

So if you would like to get your hands on these absolutely AMAZING products, please message me or check out my website. There is not only the kids collection, but a baby collection, an entire luxurious skin care and body care collection, as well as makeup. 
Right now there is a really great special going on. For every $150.00 you spend, you get two free products: style sea salt spray and protect all over sunscreen (a $58.00 value). Buy some great products for your kids, splurge a little on yourself to see how great these products are for you, and receive TWO really great products as well. Sounds amazing to me :)

These little girls...they are my reason why I'm doing what I'm doing.
Their smiles, their laughs, their future, their health....
It matters to me.
And I want to make sure they live a life without worry, and I can feel at ease knowing that what I'm putting on their body, as well as my own, can in no way hurt them in the future.

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