Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Princess Days & Tea Parties

The last month feels like it's just been go, go go! I haven't had much time, or opportunity, to just hang out with the girls. To play, dress up, have days like we used to. And while I needed to go to the store, pick-up the house...I said no, not doing it! I'm going to enjoy my afternoon with my babies, because everything else can wait. And it did. And it was the best afternoon I've had in a very long time. 

So Kinsley wanted to dress up like princesses and go have a tea party, and I said YES! LET'S. DO. IT! They were so darn adorable, and sweet to one another. Running in the backyard, going back and forth to the sink to fill up their tea party, Kinsley pouring tea for her sissy and making a big, wet mess. It was so adorable, and I made a fun little video of our afternoon. I miss making videos. It's kind of therapeutic for me, so maybe I'll start them up again ;)

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