Tuesday, June 14, 2016

IKEA Dollhouse Craft + Maileg

On the 4th, Kyle and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. And to celebrate, we got ourselves a babysitter (aka his mom), and drove to Orlando to go to my favorite place in the world...IKEA! While we were going for not such fun items, like curtains, and a bajillion fake plants, I couldn't help but pick out something for the girls. Rylan got a stuffed puppy and Kinsley got a doll house. I have been wanting to build her a wooden dollhouse for over a year now, but time...and resources...and time just haven't been our side. And by "our", I mean "Kyle"...because we all know I'm not dusting off my saw cutting skills. Ok, back to IKEA. While browsing the kids section, I saw on the wall this cute little wooden house. For under $30.00, I knew I had to get it. My head was spinning with the possibilities of how darn cute this thing could be! 
So while we upgraded the girls rooms (Kinsley's final reveal is still a work in progress), I figured I would upgrade the house as well. We call it the Bunny House, because when we bought her Maileg bunnies, I told her one day we'd have a Bunny House to put them in. She's been waiting and waiting...and using Barbie's Dreamhouse temporarily. But the wait is now OVER...and the Bunny House is alive! 

Sources: wooden house maileg bunnies & mice accessories: maileg & hobby lobby 
I gave the entire house a white wash. You can either dilute your paint in water and brush it on...let it dry...done. Or what I did was paint it on, let it set for a minute, and then wipe it off with an old rag. I wanted it to look old, weathered and banged up a little for a vintage feel. I painted the chimney blue, with the same white wash effect. I painted the back of the top floor and added pink polka dots with a stencil sponge brush, and added scrapbook paper to the bottom level. Such an easy project and totally transforms it from pretty blah to absolutely adorable! 
The girls love it! And I'm all giddy over how darn cute it turned out. I want to get another one to add to the wall to make a Mice House, because clearly each animal needs their own place to reside. Still to be found are missing baby rabbits, a changing table and tiny little accessories. I'll probably find them in the refrigerator, or in a basket under our bathroom sink. Rylan is quite the re-arranger! 

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