Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Holidays, birthdays and celebrations have a whole new meaning to me. Rewind time to November of 2015, and my days were spent wondering if Kyle would live to see Christmas, or to celebrate Rylan's 1st birthday, or even his own birthday...all the fun moments I look forward to every year. My chance to spoil my "kids" (Kyle included) and have some fun from our crazy, hectic lives. With the news of Kyle's sudden heart surgery, I didn't know what to expect. I knew things should turn out ok for him and he'd be healthier than ever, but fear has this funny way of overshadowing everything. I was afraid of losing him, and being a single momma to our girls. And I think in a lot of ways, he was afraid as well. The idea of having a major heart surgery is terrifying...so many outcomes, so many "what if" scenarios....I can remember our last Thanksgiving, which was just days before his surgery. As much as we all just wanted to have a normal, fun Thanksgiving with my mom, I can remember sitting there watching him eat. Fighting back tears, fighting back my worry, and trying to put a smile on my face. Because I kept thinking, what if this is it? 

Fast forward and Kyle is healthier than ever, There are still a few bumps along the road, but overall he's amazing! And I've never been more grateful to celebrate Father's Day than I was yesterday. When you always wonder what your life is going to be like with kids, you always invasion how your husband will be. The kind of dad he will be. The love he will show them. Kyle has exceeded all of my dreams and is truly the most incredible father to those two little girls. They love him so much! He gets them to laugh in ways I could never and is always the one they want when they want to have fun! He's the "fun dad", but also is the enforcer...and when he means business, they know it. I guess that means I'm neither fun nor serious...so I just plan fun parties instead ;) Being able to celebrate this year with Kyle, in our very first house we bough, with Marley and the girls, and Kyle's family...it was a dream come true. All those days and weeks of worry and stress about whether he'd be around to celebrate this special day, just blew away in the breeze. 

We had an awesome day! Well, Kyle may say otherwise because he hung curtains and light fixtures 90% of it (I swear I told him he didn't need to!). We planned a space/NASA/"You're Outta This World" Father's Day party. I gathered supplies from the Dollar Tree and Target and spent all day Saturday setting it all up with the girls.

The background was a black vinyl tablecloth from the Dollar Tree that I used chalk to draw on, taped some cut out stars onto and used these fun Space flashcards I found in the Dollar Spot at Target. The USA banner was also in the Dollar Spot. I made a fake moon from a styrofoam ball, cut out circles to make critters and painted it white...inserted a flag and voila! You have a moon! I found these cute vintage NASA posters online, and photoshopped the girls faces into them to make a fun display for our "Astronaut Hall of Fame". I cut out an astronaut helmet out of foam board for a fun photo prop, and made a shuttle out of moving boxes we had in the garage. It was covered in a black vinyl tablecloth and I just taped pieces of computer and construction paper to it to make a shuttle. Pretty easy project and only took 20 minutes to do! I made moon rocks out of aluminum foil, just crunched into tight balls, and found rocket launchers in the party section at Target. We had a blast launching them on the patio! And Kinsley loved walking around asking "who wants some moon rocks??", and then making us throw them into the basket.

We enjoyed a nice meal of salad, steak, potatoes, asparagus and roasted tomatoes, homemade rolls and dessert: peanut butter pie! We played in the backyard, captured some adorable photos and reflected on how amazing the day was. I can't get over how big the girls are getting. Wasn't Rylan just barely walking the other day? And wasn't Kinsley like 1 last month? I just can't believe how big and beautiful and amazing our girls are. I am beyond blessed and all I can thank is my hubby. He's the best. He's given me the life I've always dreamed of, in a beautiful home, with the sweetest girls ever.

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