Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sister Snapshots

I love looking back at my babies, and remembering what life was like. I can remember months ago praying, begging, crying for Rylan to just sleep through the night. Just ONE night. And one day...I got my request. And it happened the following night. And consistently. It's funny how you crave for certain time frames to fly by, but then when they do you miss it. I miss our middle of the night feedings, the cuddles and quiet times we had together. But I also love this stage...and watching how much she changes every single day. I hope you like reading about our girls as much as I do! 

Kinsley | 3.5 years old If I could bottle up this age forever, I would. Kinsley has the sweetest, most loving personality I've ever seen. She'll be the first to ask you what's wrong if she thinks you're upset about something. If you're hurt...she quickly will rush into her room to get her doctor kit out and try and make it all better. She wants to help with anything and everything you do, and hates feeling left out of things. You want to go get groceries? You bet she does, too! She has the most amazing imagination and could play with two sticks all day like they were the most beautiful Barbie dolls known to man. She's the perfect amount of girlie, with the right balance of tomboy in her. She loves the outdoors and could spend hours upon hours playing in her sand box. Going for walks, riding her bike, playing in the grass...it's her happy place. She's the most cautious of the two, and takes her time to warm up to people. But once she does, you'll be her best friend forever! She has a flare for the dramatics. I think I'm the most connected with Kinsley because in terms of looks and personality, she's the most like me. She is sweet as sweet can be, but the second she feels like she's in trouble or things aren't going exactly the way she wants or had planned...watch out! She lays it on thick. But within 5 minutes, she comes running back to me with open arms saying "I'm sorry mommy. I so, so sorry", and plants a giant kiss on my cheek. She HATES feeling like someone is mad at her. Like has a complete meltdown over the thought. She loves to love people. And she loves them with her whole heart. She's the most forgiving, brave, and adorable 3 year old I know and becoming her mommy was the greatest blessing of my life. She's the one who makes me excited over the future, who is my biggest supporter, and who I can always count on to cuddle and give me a big fat smooch-a-roo. 

Rylan | 14 Months Oh Rylan. My baby girl. I swear she came into my life to teach me how to be on my toes. That life can't be this routine, pre-planned agenda and to truly enjoy and love your life, you must enjoy all the beautiful and imperfect flaws about it. She is the craziest, most fearless kid I know. She loves people, and loves to make everyone feel loved. She's the first to say hi and bye to anyone, and runs to us with open arms when she sees us again. When days are rough, I can always count on her to make me laugh, and get the cutest scrunchy nose smile from her. But I can certainly say she is my "difficult" child. She's the crier, the fusser, the fighter, the wrecking ball, the klutz, the daredevil, the one who gives me severe anxiety, and the one who is the complete opposite of what our first child was like. It took me time to understand the differences between the two of them. And that what worked for one, doesn't always work for the other. 
She is our Earth lover, like her sister. Dirt, sand, sticks and leaves make her the happiest. If I could let her sleep outside, I would probably never see her because she would spend 24/7 out there. She is very curious about the world. When the wind blows, when she hears birds, when someone drives by...she immediately will investigate the situation out and give me an approving glance when she is satisfied with what she found out. If someone new is in our house, she'll be the first to greet them and give them a "hi" and a wave. Just watching her, and seeing her learn new things all the time amazes me. She looks the most like her daddy, and it's crazy how much they are so similar...looks and personality. I feel like I sometimes am raising an infant version of him! She has taught me more about life and myself than anyone ever has, and has changed me in ways she'll never even know. I love her something fierce. 

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