Wednesday, April 27, 2016

30 for 30

Oh hey! Remember me? Geez...talk about a long time!! It's been so long since I've logged onto Blogger that 1. I had to reset my password, 2. somehow 99% of my blog posts were deleted (uhh wtf??) and 3. I didn't even remember where to go to write a post. But my little blog hiatus was needed. I needed some space, separation and time to unwind from sharing our little life on the internet. When I left you hanging, things were crazy...our dog snapped at Kinsley, she had surgery, we relocated him to Kyle's parents....and honestly things have been just as crazy since.

But the craziest of them all is I turned 30 on Monday! UGH! I feel so old, but yet I don't...all at the same time. I still feel like I'm 18, but with a 30 year olds responsibilities. I though it would be fun to share 30 facts about myself, in case you all forgot who I was. Google apparently decided I didn't exist anymore (hence them deleting all my posts) and you probably do to.

1. I'm 30...so weird
2. I have three older brothers and we all have "J" names
3. I never thought I wanted to have girls, but now that I have them...I can't imagine a world without princesses, pink and tutus.
4. I am terrified of lizards...of all shapes and sizes. Living in Florida is not a good place to reside because they are everywhere.
5. I've never lived anywhere but the beautiful, humid and hot state of Florida.
6. I've danced since I was 3.
7. I did competitive dancing till I graduated high school, danced on UF's dance team in college and was a NBA Dancer for 3 years.
8. No. I can't dance anymore...without breaking or pulling something.
9. Growing up I always wanted to be a mom.
10. In college I was a bajillion different majors...the craziest one was nursing! That didn't last long ;)
11. I had dreams of being a NICU nurse...until I realized the sight of blood made me faint.
12. I absolutely love Oreos.
13. I hated coffee until I started working in an office after college.
14. Now, I don't know how to function without it.
15. I have bad anxiety.
16. Coffee doesn't help said anxiety.
17. I am a terrible swimmer. It's quite comical to watch, actually.
18. I want to have 1 more kid (I'm nuts.. I know).
19. Kyle and I have moved 3 times in the past 5 years, and are about to add another one to the list.
20. I hate moving!
21. Change doesn't go over well with me. I'm a very routine person.
22. I love avocados and eat one just about every day...or when they're dirt cheap at Publix.
23. I eat eggs just about every day for breakfast. They're my fav.
24. My favorite fast food place is Chipotle or Chik-Fil-A.
25. Having a clean house might be the most enjoyable feeling in the world.
26. Most days I count down till nap time and bed time (is that bad?)
27. One day I want to live on acres, overlooking  a river with a big wrap around porch with tons of old trees lining the drive way. A girl can dream, right?
28. I have a serious problem with re-arranging furniture and buying pillows and blankets.
29. Target is my happy place.
30. My family is my everything. They can drive me crazy, but I love them.


  1. I turned thirty on the 29th!!! It's so weird being thirty! 😫

    1. It's so weird!! Like how am I already this old?!