Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We certainly had a great day, and weekend. The past month or so, we haven't had an entire weekend to ourselves where we had no plans, nobody was sick and Kyle was home all weekend. It was wonderful and it certainly helped that we had a fun holiday to look forward to as well :)

I had been doing "love" activities with Kinsley all week, but I wanted Valentine's Day to still be special for her and Rylan. So I got them both new books, filled their Valentine's envelopes with goodies (mostly cheap stuff from the Dollar Section at Target), got them new cups and decorated our table for them to see first thing in the morning. I love any chance to make them feel special and to treat a day like it's the best day ever! At night Kinsley was telling us that she liked Valentine's Day MORE than Christmas. I find that hard to believe, and if that really is true I'll be sure to take the 4' Barbie Dreamhouse that Santa brought back to the North Pole ;) (that thing has so many pieces it drives me NUTS!)

Kyle and Kinsley always go to church together on Sunday's. I typically stay home with Rylan because it starts right in the middle of her morning nap, but yesterday I felt brave to tackle church with her. She was good, on the no-crying front, but she was all over the place and wanted to get into everything and was getting tired towards the end. So I spent 50% church out in the lobby walking around with her. Needless to say, we'll be holding off on going back until I can send her to children worship. But it was nice to be a family at church again. We went over to my moms afterwards to drop off her Valentine's present and bring lunch. Then we headed back home for naps and quiet time with the girls while Kyle and I tackled the war zone that is our house.

We decided to stay home for dinner, instead of going out, to make it a more relaxed and enjoyable evening. There's just something about a home cooked meal at home that you just can't beat! Kyle grilled steaks, we made oven roasted potatoes and Kinsley and I baked cupcakes.

It was honestly the best Valentine's Day to date. I love my little family and the beautiful memories we make together. I just see every year getting better and better.

Now, onto organizing and cleaning this house for RYLAN'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!! How is she already one??!

Hope you all had a great weekend with your loved ones :)

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