Friday, November 20, 2015

Being A Girl Mom

There are days that I'm stressed beyond belief. Balancing work, being a mom, raising two girls, the never ending house work that needs to be done, making time for my husband.... It's a lot. And trust me, there are days I'm ready to throw in the towel and just walk to Alaska. But then there are days that just make every ounce of my body smile. And I realize just how blessed I am to have two happy, healthy, beautiful little girls in my life. And I wouldn't trade my crazy days for anything. 
Kinsley and Rylan. Two peas in a pod. Kinsley is our sweet, loving, sassy three year old. She has the sweetest personality, but boy she has a lot of sass to her. Rylan is our daredevil. You literally can NOT take your eyes off of her or else she'll be on top of the kitchen table, ready to dive off in a 2 second time span. But boy she knows she's cute :) Rylan LOVES her big sister, and always wants to be near her, playing by her, seeing what she's doing. Kinsley usually isn't a fan of all the attention her little sister gives her, but from time to time moments like this happen. 

They hold hands. They giggle at each other. They smile at one another. They give each other kisses, and pull each others hair (in a loving way). They beam with joy and laughter. They love each other. And that's the best feeling in the entire world. Seeing my babies love each other.

And I think ahead to the future.
Them growing up and being best friends.
Still holding hands while skipping down the street.
Still giggling at each other by doing silly faces.
Still giving each other kisses when they say goodbye to each other at school.
Rylan still wanting to do and be exactly like her big sister.
Kinsley loving the role of being the one in charge, and telling her sister what she can and can not do.

And I realize that being a girl momma was exactly what I was meant to be. 

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