Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Disney Trip {part 3}

Our last day at Disney we spent at the Magic Kingdom.
It was filled with lots of princesses, characters, scary characters (cough cough...BUZZ LIGHTYEAR...), rides and rain.
We met Mary Poppins, Buzz Lightyear, Ariel, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy & Donald.
We rode Buzz Lightyear, People Mover, The Little Mermaid ride.
And right before we were about to turn the last page to our vacation book, the most magical event happened.

We got Fast Pass's at the last minute to meet Tinkerbell & Mickie Mouse.
Kinsley was shaking in excitement to meet Tinkerbell, we thought she had to go potty.
After asking her she said, "nooo! I wanna meet TINKERBELL!!!"
She was pretty excited :)
And meeting her was just as magical as we expected.
Then came Mickie.
She was a little scared of him, which I don't blame her.
He was kind of creepy and the masked characters (male ones) seemed to have a bad track record with her.
But as long as I was holding her, she was fine with him.
And that was what seemed like the perfect ending to the day until my mom said...

I ran to the line outside.
To then be told by a friendly man wearing a safari outfit that Snow White had to get to the parade and nobody else could get in line.
Try explaining that to a three year old.
Hint: it doesn't go very well!
After lots of tears and gasping for air, we stood right by the line so Kinsley could see her.
But when it was time for Snow White to leave, Kinsley lost her marbles.
She screamed and cried and pouted as loud as she could.
I must say, for a three year old it was pretty darn good.
So good that Snow White decided to turn around, come back and meet Kinsley.
We were thinking "Sweet, that was nice of her", until she grabbed Kinsley's hand and started walking with her.
Snow White turned around and asked me if we were busy and if she could walk Kinsley ACROSS Main Street to go meet Princess Aurora.
Ummm...let me know think about it 'No White....

Kinsley and Snow White walked hand in hand from Town Hall, across Main Street where everyone in their right mind wanted to be Kinsley, to meet Princess Aurora.
It was as if Walt himself scripted this...
Snow White and Kinsley walked up the brick steps to a quiet, covered square where flowers were blooming, pumpkins were sprouting and birds were chirping, a beautiful blonde princess in the most exquisite pink dress named Aurora was waiting for Princess Kinsley.
And as Snow White frolicked away with her parade of animals, she bent down and gave Kinsley a cherry stained kiss on the cheek.
It was so magical, and so perfect, and nothing we could have ever dreamed of happening.
Not every kid can say they've done that!

It was the best trip!!
And one that I will forever remember :)

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