Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disney Trip {part 2}

Day two...going to the Magic Kingdom!
The morning started off early. 
Like REALLY early.
With a 5:00am, bloody murder scream from Rylan.
Which then woke me and Kyle up, and then Kinsley, and then my mom...
So we had a very early start to the day!

Kyle took Kinsley to the gift shop to find something he needed, and while they were there, an employee asked if Kinsley wanted to "wake up" Ariel and dress her for the day.
Not a bad way to start the morning off to a 3 year old!
Granted, we thought the Ariel was like a large statue...not a doll...but was still cool, nonetheless.
We made our way to breakfast, got ready and headed to the Magic Kingdom.
We had a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest, so we were able to get into the park early.
We were running behind so we were afraid we weren't going to be able to get in or my mom was going to get charged for not showing, but it all worked out.
And although we didn't end up even getting breakfast, we got into the park early and beat a lot of the crowds.

Our first stop was to see Anna and Elsa. 
We didn't have a fast pass for it, so Kyle and my mom waited it out for 30 minutes while I nursed Rylan.
I have never seen Kinsley so happy when she came running over to tell me about seeing them!
Then Kyle and I took her to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel, which was the first princess experience for me and it was so amazing.
Kinsley was not shy at all and just wanted to hug them all day long.
Pretty sure my checks are still sore from smiling so big at Kinsley and her happiness.

We then headed for some rides: Peter Pan, It's A Small World, Dumbo, the Carousel...
We took her to the Enchanted Tales of Belle, which she was not a fan of.
It was a mixture of her being tired, with the fact that she couldn't actually go up and touch her like she wanted to, that it just didn't go very well.
At that point it was approaching her usual nap time, and she started getting really cranky, but we pushed her some more and got a few more things in.
Once we decided it was time to go, Kinsley was NOT a happy camper.
About 5 minutes once we got into the car, she was passed out.
Disney is exhausting!

We took her back to the hotel, got some lunch and went to the pool.
Then we got ready for dinner and to meet up with Kyle's family for his dad and brothers birthday at Wilderness Lodge.
We ate at Whispering Canyon, which is a really cool restaurant.
It's a family style, interactive, restaurant.
Unfortunately, a tired toddler and an exhausted infant didn't mix very well with a loud, restaurant atmosphere.
Rylan lost her marbles half way through dinner, Kinsley was exhausted, and it decided to pour outside when it was getting close to being done with dinner.
Note to self: after taking your kids to Disney all morning, maybe you should avoid a nice restaurant at night ;)
But it was fun and it was nice to see Kyle's family for a few hours.

Once we got back to the hotel, I was ready...along with the 3 hour crying infant we had in tow...for bed!
Because Sunday was another fun day of magical adventures at the Magic Kingdom!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Major props for doing it with two babes, I'd be having meltdowns all day haha.