Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kinsley's 3rd Birthday Party

Kinsley's 3rd Birthday Party was a success- sort of.
So as you all know, Tropical Storm Erika was set to head this way.
Which means rain. Lots and lots of rain.
Luckily it lost its strength, but 30 minutes prior to the start of our under the sea party, we about became "under the sea".
My thoughts... great.

Kinsley was waking up from her nap, so I thought perfect....I'll go ahead and get her ready, take a few pictures of her prior to the party and things getting crazy.
So I get her up, have her go potty and I notice something seemed off with her.
She kept grabbing her tummy, but she said she was ok.
So I gave her a swedish fish to munch on while we headed to the bathroom to do her hair.
Cue the vomit.
She decided to throw up.
All over her outfit.
All over her shoes.
All over the carpet....two steps away from the tiled bathroom.
We get into the bathroom finally, and then she throws up all over the toilet.
My thoughts...GREAT!

So Kyle cleaned up Kinsley, his parents helped clean up the mess, while I got Rylan up who was screaming bloody murder.
Two seconds latter, there's a knock on the door and our first party guests have arrived.
Cue Rylan screaming.
Cue the dog barking.
Cue the clean up crew in the background.

Once everything finally settled down, Kinsley wasn't running a fever and seemed perfectly fine so we said...let the party begin!
We had so much fun and I think all the kids had a blast.
We had out patio set-up with games and all of Kinsley's outdoor toys.
I made my own version of corn hole (with a turtle and a crab), a photo op mermaid cut out (the girls loved it!), we had bowling set up, pin the tail on the mermaid (which we never got around to playing), and all of her outside toys.
For dinner we ate chicken tenders with hawaiian rolls (to make a sub), pasta salad, chips, pirate's booty and of course...CAKE (and ice cream).
My mom made the most perfect cake for Kinsley's birthday.
I mean, seriously? It was AWESOME!!

After dinner, presents and desserts, our guests started heading home.
And then Kinsley decided to barf...again.
This time, on the kitchen tile.
Poor thing :(
But still, she had no fever and seemed perfectly fine.
After getting all the girls to bed, praying Kinsley makes it through the night without getting sick, we called it a night.
It was a great day, despite the craziness, and Kinsley enjoyed every single second of it.

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  1. I hope Kinsley is feeling better today. Glad she made it through her party though! It was a super cute theme and the decorations/games were so awesome! Kudos to your mom on that cake, it was perfect!
    Happy 3rd Birthday Kinsley!