Friday, January 9, 2015

Rylan's Nursery Tour

I think I can safely say that Rylan's nursery is done!
Granted we do still need a few things to add in there, but for the most part...it's done.
We can put a baby to sleep, change her, rock her and provide plenty of clothing options so I think we're good :)

I finally got a spark in my butt to finish it all and take some pictures to share.
If you have been following for a bit, you would know we're currently in a rental house.
So we stuck with the wall color already provided, opted to not put any curtains up (for the sake of not wanting to fill holes and take them down again), left the very dated blinds and had to be creative in covering approximately 100 outlets, phone jacks & random objects on the walls with our furniture placement.
Seriously, I'm not exaggerating about that!

So I'm happy to share with you Ry Baby's room!

All of the furniture were either items we used with Kinsley or things we already had in our house.
The little bench was actually made from my baby crib and I used it as a little girl.
But nothing says "good deal" like being able to re-use everything again!

I did splurge and get new bedding for Rylan, because I wanted her to have something of her own.
Although the colors and theme are pretty similar to Kinsley's nursery, it's  bit different and I love it.
Obviously I had to go with a bird theme, because...well...have you read what my blog is called???
The crib bumper is from Pottery Barn Kids and I got it on a super duper clearance and paid next to nothing for it. (Don't think it's available anymore).
The crib sheet is from Carousel Designs, in their love birds collection.
The crib skirt was from Kinsley's bedding and, obviously, so was the crib.

I made all the bunting and embroidery hoops out of scrap fabric, and the fabric her sheet is made with, as well as the cushion for her bench.
The mirror above the changing table and the "so loved" canvas were from Hobby Lobby. 
I spray painted a wood "R" with gold foil spray paint to add into her wall collage.
The little outfit hanging above the changing table was mine as a baby :)
The baskets on the changing table are from Target and JoAnn's, and they store diapers, extra changing pad covers, burp cloths & swaddle blankets.

The chicken wire on the armoire is the perfect way to display pictures, cards, and random items as she grows.
Inside the armoire are all her clothes (but tons more are stored in her closet), socks, headbands, extra bedding, blankets, etc..
We have plenty of room to spare in this thing, so it's a great piece instead of a dresser.

The prints are from Katie Daisy and the flower "R" I made awhile ago.
Actually, I think that was the very first thing I ever made for her when I found out she was a girl!
I have plans of taking monthly pictures of her next to the "R", to see how she grows. 
We'll see if I can actually follow through with them for ANOTHER baby!

And there you have it.
It's simple, sweet, girlie and totally perfect for my little birdie girl.
I can't wait to lay her down in her little bed and put her very first newborn diaper on on the changing table.


  1. So light and airy...I love it!


  2. So adorable! Thank you for posting the link to the crib sheet! I just peeked at their website and they have the cutest fabrics for a little boy! Can not wait to see pictures of your littlest lady!

    1. They have really cute fabric! It's pricey, but worth it in my book!

  3. If you wanted to hang curtains without putting holes in the wall. I saw somewhere about using command hangers for curtain rod! :) they sell silver ones so you don't notice