Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sheriff Kinsley's 2nd Birthday: Party Links & Details

Here are all the details of Kinsley's party. Some pictures and better than others, but you get the idea. And the food table... I have NOTHING to show for it except one picture that's pretty pitiful. We had so much fun and the food was amazing! We ordered the BBQ pork & chicken from a restaurant, and made everything else homemade. It was delicious and just what this western party called for.

Kiddy Coloring Corale
I put together little coloring pails for the kids to take home with them, and something to do at the party. And of course, there had to be cowboy hats!

Sheriff Callie coloring pages: Disney Junior
{these were part of our party pails for the little kids to color on}
Crayons: Target Dollar Section
Decorative Straw: A.C. Moore
Cowboy hats: Target Dollar Section
Pails: Walmart
Bandanas: A.C. Moore
Little Hay Barrels: A.C. Moore
*we had Lego set's for two older boys that came

Kinsley's Outfit

Kinsley's cowgirl tutu: Mommy's Little Sunshine
{I got this months ago when they were dirt cheap. All I had to pay was the shipping! They always have offers going on, so if you're in need of lacey, girly stuff...check it out}
Kinsley's Chambray Top: Target
Kinsley's Pink Gingham Bow: Ellia May Designs
{ok...this is my BFF, Tessa's shop, and she made this bow special for Kinsley's party. She has the CUTEST bows so go buy them all. Maybe I'll get a good discount for mentioning her ;)}
Converse: Marshalls a long time ago.

**She had cowboy boots to wear but I think since she broke her leg, the idea of putting them on freaked her out. She cried hysterically for days while I tried to get her to wear them. Oh well..she still looked cute :)

Dessert Table

Banner, cupcake topper & s'mores toppers: Etsy
"Kinsley" Pallet: Semi-homemade. Actual sign was from A.C. Moore; I made her name out of twine and added two award ribbons I got from the Dollar Store.
Balloons: Party City
Table Skirt: Fabric from Hobby Lobby (with 40% off coupon)
Twine Bows: Home made with cut up handkerchiefs added to center
Decorative straw, hay barrels & wooden crates: A.C. Moore

Foods on Dessert Table

Sheriff Callie's Cupcakes (used this recipe for the cake & this recipe for the buttercream frosting. Had graham cracker crumbs on top)
Cake (used the same recipe as cupcakes)
Deputy Peck's Trail Mix (Monster Trail Mix from Target)
Sparky's Haystacks (rice krispie treats & this recipe)
Campfire S'Mores (marshmallows dipped in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs)

Wild West BBQ Table
**I apologize. I forgot to take a picture of the table all set-up and the drink station (oops) and the pictures I do have are a. not very good and b. slim pickings.

We covered a folding table with a cheap Dollar Store table cloth that I cut into strips to look like fringe.
Then I added a burlap table cloth on top for some western flair.
I had extra gingham fabric from the dessert table so I made a runner for the food table.
And then made some bunting out of pink bandanas to add along the table's edge.

Foods for Wild West BBQ
Dirt Dan & Dusty's BBQ Pork & BBQ Chicken
Tio's Famous BBQ Sauces
Uncle Bun's Mac-n-Cheese
Uncle Quackers Baked Beans
Gold Nuggets (corn dogs for the kids)
On The Ranch Veggies & Dip (we had ranch dip with carrot sticks, pepper sticks, tomatoes & cucumbers)
Western Watermelon

Drink Station
I have ZERO pictures of this :(

Priscilla's Sweet Tea
Watering Hole Water (water bottles)
Ella's Chocolate Milk (horizon's chocolate milk boxes)

And as Kinsley would say, "by eeeeeeeee". That's all, folks :)


  1. That rope sign is the cutest DIY I have ever seen! Such a great job on everything. I'm sure she had the best time!