Thursday, April 26, 2018


Yesterday I turned 32! I still feel like I'm 15 years old (and yes, I do still look like a 15 year old), so it's hard to think that I'm 32...married, with three kids, and own my own house. Crazy how time flies by and before you know it, you're grown up with all these things you dreamed of having as a 15 year old. I'm not a big birthday celebrator (for myself), so I don't really do much or want much on my birthday. But I did have one request- I wanted to go to the beach. 

After we picked Kinsley up from school, we grabbed some Firehouse subs, drove out to Playalinda Beach in Titusville, FL, and had dinner on the beach. It was actually Weston's first trip to the beach, and he LOVED all the sand. The girls were in heaven and Kinsley kept saying "this is the BEST birthday ever, mommy!". I will say that watching all my kids smiling and laughing and playing was the best present I could have ever gotten.

Kyle got me a makeshift present: a toy minivan with Wonder Woman on it. Because 1. I'm getting a new car soon (and yes...I'm caving into the mini van life) and 2. he thinks I'm Wonder Woman, for running the three ring circus solo 90% of the time while he's off doing basketball things. I thought it was so sweet and very thoughtful, and the girls love playing with that little car. 

I also wanted 1 more thing for my birthday and that was to make a video of my afternoon and night, to always remember how special this day was for me. So if you'd like to see the video head on over to my YouTube channel! There's lots of more videos to watch as well :)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Welcome To Camp Weston | First Birthday Party

Whew! What a day! We celebrated Weston's first birthday with the most adorable camp theme party. From the day I found out I was having a boy, I had his birthday party already planned out in my head. Yes, I'm weird and think that far ahead to birthday parties for my kids. I absolutely love doing parties, and just can't do anything simple. Fortunately, Weston's room has a lot of camping/woodsy themed items so I just pulled out everything from his room and threw together his party. And that's how Camp Weston was formed!

 Our dining room was the main focal point of the party. Kyle started our shiplap chair rail in this room, and decided to leave it the natural wood for the party, to tie in with the party (funny how that all worked out ;)). I am painting it white soon, but it really did make a good feature wall for the decorations. My Aunt let us borrow some vintage thermoses and coolers for the party, which I secretly want to keep because they are so awesome and were perfect decorations! I used a bear head, a pallet "W" from Weston's room and my letter board to complete the mantel of our fireplace, and added some pinecones, garlands and greenery to complete the look. The fabric garland I made using different fabrics I purchased at Hobby Lobby, and just tied it in knots around a piece of yarn. Weston's high chair banner I made, too, using the same fabric and adding burlap to make the "one" pendants. The white star balloons Kyle found at the Dollar Tree. The teepee and pretend camp fire were things we already had, and I just brought out to use for the party. I swear, I looked at this room a million times and just thought  man this is so cool! Our bar cart in the dining room was used for some of our "campfire treats". Weston's smash cake was the main focal point, and then I used berry cups to hold the ingredients to make a s'more, and kraft paper cups to put our wild berries in. Our centerpiece on the table was the big cake my mom made, which was the cutest thing EVER, and a jar of trail mix.  I printed out all his monthly pictures I took, and used an old window to tape them and display them. It made me think of a camp bulletin board, but showing off my pretty baby boy :)

We went with BBQ themed menu: Campfire hot dogs with different fixings (ketchup, mustard, chili, onions, relish, cheese), backwoods beans, corn on the cob, macaroni salad and chips. Then we had our desserts: cake, s'mores, fruit and trail mix.  Nothing too crazy, but was oh so yummy.  We had our food set-up in our kitchen and I painted (a not very good picture) the invitation picture on a piece of poster board as decoration. I made another fabric garland to hang on the table, and to cover all my kitchen items on the bottom shelf, used Christmas trees I kept out from our Christmas decorations and used pine cones as food label holders. I found so many cute galvanized buckets at Hobby Lobby that were perfect for different food items to use, I just lined them with parchment paper to protect the buckets. 

Also, I have to mention that my mom makes all of my kids cakes. Not only do they taste delicious, but they always turn out absolutely adorable. She hand made every single piece and time on them, and my other Aunt sent her acorns and nuts from Maryland to adorn the bottom of each cake. The fire in each campfire, she made. All the rocks and logs, she made from either fondant or fondant covered pretzels. The little marshmallows that are roasting in the campfires...yea, she made those, too! I swear, she is amazing and I don't know what I'm going to do if she ever retires from making my cakes. 

The Birthday Boy
So who knew getting a 1 year old to stay still long enough to get a picture of his shirt was so hard? I made us all Camp Weston t-shirts and Weston's had "One Happy Camper" on his. I used shirts from Hobby Lobby and just printed the image onto iron-on paper. A cute, cheap way to have customized shirts for a special day. Weston was living his best life at his party. From the beans and corn (baked beans might be his favorite food of all time), to all the fruit, and then the birthday cake....he was the happiest kid around! He wasn't too interested in his presents, which he got so many cute new things, but enjoyed watching his sisters open everything for him. But he was rocking his new J's that Kyle got him, and I think it made Kyle happier than a kid in a candy store! 

The Birthday Cake
Weston loved having everyone sing him Happy Birthday, and he clapped and smiled and waved his chocolatey hands all over the place while eating his cake. He was a MESS! None of the girls ever got that messy, but I had a feeling our monster child would tear into his cake like no tomorrow. And he didn't disappoint. He immediately went into the sink for a bath, and was cracking everyone up standing up and peaking over the bar into the family room saying "dada dada dada dada!" and "papa papa papa papa". 

He had the best birthday party and not the bash on ANY of my girls parties, but I kinda loved doing something for a boy for once! It was perfect and better than I had ever dreamed it would be. 

To recap his actual birthday real quick, we decided to give him his big present on his actual birthday and not wait till the party. We got him a new truck to ride in let him test it out first thing that morning. After I got done working, and he woke up from his nap, we took him to the park in his big boy truck, out to dinner for pizza and made one last stop for frozen yogurt at our favorite spot in town. It was the perfect way to spend the day with our little man that we love so darn much. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Weston Kyle | One Year

If you're wondering how I've already had Weston for a year, I'm scratching my head just like you! I honestly don't even know how an entire year has gone by already...because I've purposely been keeping my eyelids open for fear of blinking and he instantly be a grown up. Apparently not blinking still makes time fly by, who knew? I have been so bad at keeping up with Weston on the blog, but I've been trying my hardest to just soak him all in. So without making this post 12,000 pages long, I'll condense it to only 12 pictures of Westy to play a little game of catch-up with him.

Weston is the sweetest, yummiest, heaviest, chunkiest, biggest, happiest baby I've ever had. He is everything I could have ever wanted and more. I prayed for years that we would be blessed with a little boy one day, and God saved the best surprise for last: our baby boy. He is our last child, and while that makes me all sorts of sad, I enjoy every little moment with him so much more. He is such a momma's boy (no complaints from me on that one) but equally loves his daddy something fierce. I always take him to Kyle after I get him out of bed and he practically falls out of my arms reaching for Kyle. When Kyle leaves the house, Weston is right there at the door waving bye to him and screeching "daaaaaaa daaaa". It's the cutest thing to see the bond they already have and I can't wait to see how it grows over time. He's Kyle's little buddy.  He also loves his sisters and always wants to be wherever they are. They typically will close the door in the playroom so he won't get in there and ruin all their hard work setting up their toys juuuuuust right, and he'll sit outside the door crying to go in. Pretty sad, but adorable all at the same time. He loves to be moving, can eat just about the entire pantry in one sitting, and weighs the same as my 3 year old. He's a BEAST, and I love every inch of his yumminess. 

Eats: Obsessed with all fruit, especially blueberries and bananas. Loves cooked carrots, goldfish, applesauce pouches, black beans, peanut butter sandwiches and eating all food off the floor. Basically, anything that you can eat, he enjoys. I mean have you seen how big he is? 

Likes: His favorite thing is his security blanket. He loves carrying it around, or sticking it his in mouth and crawling around with it hanging out, and of course sleeping with it while he sucks his thumb. He likes playing peek-a-boo, especially in the curtains or the shower curtain. Loves flirting with any and all ladies, and is always the talk of any place we go..."Oh my gosh, he's so handsome", "oh my gosh I could just eat him for breakfast" "look at that cute smile". And he eats it all up! He loves being outside and I think he believes that dirt and sticks are food. Loves cars, opening all cabinets, crawling on top of everything, getting into everything he shouldn't be getting into, and not giving an F about it. 

Says: Momma, dadda, uh oh, hi, bye

And now his monthly pictures to recap (in the quickest way possible) his first 12 months!

Now that I'm officially sobbing over here, I can't wait to share with you all his 1st birthday party: CAMP WESTON! Be on the lookout soon for the birthday recap :)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

Easter 2018 was not disappointing! I think it's safe to say this was the best Easter yet, and honestly I wasn't sure I was going to pull it off. I had all these plans of making cupcakes with the girls, and doing Easter crafts on Saturday, but with Kyle out of town for the day and three kids who were, umm...how do I say this nicely...not behaving very well, none of those plans happened. Like NONE. Thankfully, I made myself an iced coffee and faked it till I made it and had them each write a note to the Easter Bunny and drew him a picture. That was the extent of my fun activity day with them...#momoftheyear! But after I got them all tucked into bed, I got busy and pulled off the best Easter yet for them! I stayed up way too late, but it was worth it to see their smiles this morning.

The girls each got the same thing in their basket, to eliminate any "she got more things than I did" or "I wish I had gotten one of those dolls". I do the same thing when buying them clothes...hence why the always match. But I kept it pretty simple and splurged on one toy each for them. They asked for a new kite, so I picked up some two new ones for them at Walmart for under $2.00. And then candy, bubbles, new coloring books and sticker activity books made their way into the basket. Weston's was pretty simple, considering his birthday is on Friday. He got a new bathing suit and a toy remote control, and lots of empty eggs to play with. Guess what his favorite thing to play with was....the empty plastic eggs. After I got their baskets put together and out on display, I grabbed a piece of chalk and drew little bunny foot prints down the hallway to look like the Easter Bunny hopped his way into the house. (You can see more of this on my Instagram Stores if you want to follow along: jkgilreath) 

Easter morning when the girls woke up, they came down the hallway so excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought them. I love seeing how excited they get and just how magical holidays are in a kids eyes. They got to play with some of their new things for a bit before we had to hurry out the door for church. After we came back home from church, I attempted to get a picture of the three of them...until I realized Weston had poop oozing out of his pants. I at least got a few pictures before realizing the crappy (literally) situation I was in. I got him cleaned up and down for a nap and started working on our brunch. We went to Kyle's parents for dinner, so I wanted to do something fun for just us to hold us over until we went to their house. 

We had biscuits and gravy, the most delicious oranges, and mimosas for Kyle and I. Man they were good! And it was so fun to see how excited the girls were over using "fancy" cups and plates. And of course, being able to spend family time with them is always a plus. After our brunch, we did an egg hunt and attempted to fly their new kites in the backyard, but the wind just wasn't cooperating. Then we had some quiet time (aka Kyle and I needed a nap really bad) until we had to leave for our Easter dinner.

Easter dinner was delicious; ham, brown rice, macaroni and cheese, roasted veggies, rolls, deviled eggs, banana cake...man it was so good! The girls got to do another egg hunt at their house and racked up more candy and money. We had so much fun hanging out with family, relaxing and taking a break from reality for a few hours. I just love my little chicks and seeing how happy and loving they all are.

Here's to another year of magical, holiday memories for us. I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with your families!