Saturday, November 18, 2017

Halloween 2017

Totally going back in time on this one: Halloween 2017! I just couldn't act like it didn't exist because the kids costumes were too darn adorable not to share! This was the first year that I didn't plan a themed costume for everyone...we went to Target, I let them each pick out what they wanted to be, and we went with it. And I have to say, it was so much easier than worrying over the perfect family themed costume for everyone. Thank you for learning how to just GO WITH THE FLOW!

This was Weston's first Halloween, and man oh man was he adorable. He was a narwhal and the second I saw the costume I knew that was the winner...even though I didn't buy it right away. Kinsley was the prettiest witch I ever did see, and Rylan was a beautiful butterfly with face paint and all! She asked me every single day up until Halloween if it was time to paint her butterfly face. So I was very happy when the day came, just so I wouldn't have to be asked a million more times about it. 

Kinsley LOVED going door to door, getting her candy. Rylan LOVED when they got to walk away from each door, with the candy- she was a little shy of the whole stranger's door and having to speak to a stranger thing. Which I don't blame her, I am 31 years old and I still don't want to knock of a strangers door. They loved coming home, sorting through all their candy and eating an excessive amount of candy before bedtime. Not the best idea, but hey...you only live once, right? I was dressed as a cat for the 2nd year in a row. And Kyle....well, he whipped out a college costume, probably still stained in beer and sweat from his glory days. That banana was the talk of the neighborhood. Every person who passed us or saw the 6'5" hairy banana (man that just sounds awful, haha) walking down the sidewalk screamed "BANANA!!!!!". Yes ladies, he's all mine ;)

I just loved our first Halloween as a family of 5. Everyone had a blast, and we still have enough candy to last us probably till next year!

Weston 6 & 7 Month Update

It's been a hot minute since I've dusted off the old blog. I decided to take a break from blogging and spend more time being mommy. And in that "break", so much happened that needed my full attention (although with three kids, one being a baby who NEVER seemed to sleep, working full time, and the million things life throws at you, it's hard to have full attention to anything). But I'm making it a goal for the new year to keep up- because I always love going back and reading through my babies life and all the things we did together.

So today we're going to talk Weston. That sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet baby boy of mine. Have I mentioned he's like the sweetest thing ever? I love my girls like nothing else, and we have our own special girl bond. But my baby boy...oh my gosh, just pull my heart out and eat it why don't you, Weston! There really is something different about having a son, and that mother-son relationship. But all three of my babies make my heart go pitter patter, and I am one lucky momma!

Weston is 7.5 months old now. How that happened, I'm not entirely sure, but it seems like our life has always had him in it. He is the happiest, most laid back, momma loving, smiley boy I've ever met. He loves his sisters and his daddy like nothing else. The second he hears any of them, he instantly jerks his head around to try and find them. He LOVES his daddy, and I can just picture their bond as he grows up and it makes me all twitter-pated to think about. Weston is a rolling over, army crawling machine- but still is a work in progress on sitting up. Right around the 7 month mark, he started showing signs of his first tooth coming up. (Although that's more for his next update). He started eating solids and loves practically all of them. If you give him anything green, he gags and makes the worst face of all time. It's pretty hilarious, especially since his sisters loved peas, green beans, and anything that resembled a green color. His favorites are fruits, but loves him some sweet potatoes and carrots. 

We decided to switch him to formula, and honestly it has been a game changed on his sleep. It kind of happened on accident. Kinsley was in the hospital (that blog post is coming soon) and with all the stress that caused on me, trying to be with her and be at home to nurse Weston and be with Rylan and try not to have a meltdown, my body was all out of whack. I could tell I wasn't producing as much milk as I usually do, and Weston would literally scream for hours when I would try to lay him down at night. I was at my wits end and with the lack of sleep, stress and sheer exhaustion, Kyle went out and got formula to try for him. I was very skeptic because he never took a bottle and had no interest in a bottle, but after a few tries he took right to it and drank an entire bottle in like 4 minutes flat. He was napping longer, he wasn't as cranky, and started to refuse breastfeeding altogether, preferring his bottle. So I took a giant stress of my shoulders, and we made the switch. It kind of was emotional for me at first, knowing this was my last baby and ending a giant chapter of our baby days. But he has been sleeping SO MUCH BETTER and as emotional as it was, it has helped out so much. 

He has the bluest eyes, the widest smile and his hair varies between brown and blonde. To sum it up, he's handsome. Like out of this world handsome and I'm pretty obsessed with him.

He celebrated his first Halloween and was the cutest Narwhal of all time. He lasted for a good amount of time, but once he was sleepy, he wanted to go to bed. But my goodness, having THREE cute babies to dress up is a dream come true to me!

And here are some of our favorite baby items we've been loving the past two months for him...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Girls Updated Room Tour

We've lived in our house for over a year, and I think Kinsley and Rylan's room have been 100 different arrangements. Seriously. (I have issues and love to move things around) But I think, but there's always room for improvement, that I have a final product. To say I'm in love is an understatement. Their room is dreamy and girly and what I kind of always dreamed their room would one day look like. But I do still have my eye on beadboard for the bottom of their walls, and an updated fan/light fixture, and if I'm feeling realllll fancy, crown molding. Ya know, just some minor projects ;)

So we decided to make the switch to bunk beds for the girls. I had mentioned them back when we upgraded Rylan to a big girl bed, but Kyle wasn't really on board. And to be honest, I wasn't either but I always had this idea in my head for bunk beds in their room. Fast forward to today, and I knew getting them into their own rooms again was not going to happen, and both beds were taking up all the usable space in their room so we needed a solution. We had talked about getting them one full size bed, but the space issue was still going to be challenging. So I mentioned bunk beds, on a whim, and somehow convinced Kyle it was a good idea. We spent one Sunday searching for beds, what we liked, what we didn't, what would be best for them, and settled on a set from Amazon!

The girls were SO excited to have them built and the first night they were so wound up with excitement it took them for-ever to go to sleep. But they have worked out so well and I am so happy we made the switch. And I mean, there is SO MUCH SPACE in their room now. They can actually play in there, we can actually see what the rug looks like, and it just is perfect to me. Other than the bunk beds, and including some embroidery hoops with greenery in them, all decorations are the same as before. Easy upgrade and it made their room look so, so much better!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weston's Room Tour

This is almost 6 months overdue, but I finally feel comfortable enough with sharing Weston's room tour. I've never fully felt like this is done, we are good to go with his room, mainly because it's evolving with him. Collecting treasures along the way, finding new meaningful pieces to fill his shelves and walls, so it never will truly be "finished", but this is a good point to start with in showing you all. 

Weston's room, along with his sisters room, is one of my favorite rooms in our house. I just walk into it and it makes me so happy and grateful and amazed every single day that we have a little boy in our life. I love walking down their hallway and seeing the dresser all three of our kids have used, and how it's last stop in our baby making days got the best makeover of all time. I love rocking him every night in the same rocking chair I used for his sisters, and reliving memories of so many nights with each of them. I love touching all his books, most of which were (again) his sisters, remembering their slobbery fingers touching every item, every page, every word. I love how cheery and happy and woodsy it all is, and all the special pieces we have for him scattered around the shelves and walls. 

Now, I present you his little woodsy inspired nursery!

I already have so many memories in this room. Mainly involving all the kids and how much they love to come in and play in his room when I'm trying to nurse him (and he ends up laughing at everything they do, INSTEAD of eating). Or how Kinsley loves to sit in the little rocking chair and pretend to be a teacher and read to us all. Or how the girls helped me put all the wall decals up. This house will forever be the place our family became complete and we brought our baby Weston home to. And this room, this little room, will be filled with love and life and laughter for many days and years to come. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites

I think for the first time  in all my blogging history I am doing a Friday Favorites post! There are so many things I am loving, and with fall in the air and three adorable kiddos to dress, I had the urge to join the Friday Favorites cool kids club. 

The Girls
Gosh, I just love all things fall colored for the girls. I love all things fall, period. If I could dress them like pumpkins and kitty cats every day I probably would! One of my favorite dresses they each have are these from Gymboree. The colors, the fit..I love them. Paired with some booties, and it's the perfect fall (in Florida) outfit. 

These Halloween PJ's from Old Navy are seriously cute! 

I love, love love our Plain Jane play gowns for the girls. If I was made of dollar, dollar bills y'all I'd own all of them! Their latest collection with the bell sleeves, and the baseball style, seriously have my heart a flutter. Unfortunately most the styles I really wanted are already sold out, but holy cuteness!

And our latest addition to the sippy cup club are the Munchkin Stainless Steel 360 cups. We've had the regular ones for a while now and LOVE them, but my mom ordered Kinsley the stainless steel ones for school to keep her drink cold all day and they are awesome! We also have the Inch Bug personalized labels to put on them so she doesn't lose them at school. Perfect combination!

The Boy
I never thought I'd be so obsessed with boy stuff as I am. I honestly think shopping for Weston is more fun than the girls! But it could be that I'm slightly obsessed with him and think he's the cutest thing in anything he wears, so that helps ;) I'm on a sweater/fall/winter wardrobe kick lately. I ordered him these pants and this sweater and it's so cozy and comfy!! Plus he looks out of this world handsome in it. 

I don't think I've gotten him a stuffed animal or toy since he's been born. Our girls love Maileg mice and bunny's and when I was searching for Tooth Fairy ideas (Ya know, trying to stay on top of things here), I saw this dinosaur and thought it would be perfect for Weston! It's so incredibly soft and cuddly and he instantly took a liking to it. The girls thing the egg is awesome so it was a 2-in-1 type of gift. 

And the latest baby contraption to be added into the mix at our house had me stalking the UPS man like nobody's business! I was creeping out the window every two seconds, jumping any time I thought I heard his truck pull up to our house, and practically tackled him when he was walking up the driveway with our package. I mean...can you blame me when you see this picture??????
Needless to say, we're obsessed. It's the Combi walker and makes my heart go pitter patter. 

And there we have it for this week!