Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rylan Turns 3 | A Purrfectly Kitty Cat Party

Although Rylan isn't technically three just yet, we celebrated her third birthday party in the only way she knew how....by having a cat party. If you have ever been around her in the last 6 months, and she was comfortable enough to talk to you, more than likely she mentioned at least once, or possibly 100 times, she was having a cat party when she turned "twee" (three for non 2 year old speaking people). From the day of Kinsley's 5th birthday party, she requested a cat party and never looked back. Every. Single. Day. She asked me "is today my cat party?", so when the time started getting closer her excitement was through the roof. 

So to decorate for this party I knew I needed:
1. Cats
2. Desserts

The only two things the girl was adamant about. Easy enough!

My mom is, and always has been, our cake maker and decorater. She makes the best cakes...not just by looks, but by taste. I always call them wedding cakes, because they taste exactly like our wedding cake did. They are da-lish-ous. Of course, Rylan was over the moon when the cake we've discussed for (no exaggeration) 6 months was finally sitting there in front of her very eyes. It was perfect!

Rylan's cat outfit was from Little Love Boutique, and when I saw it months ago, I ordered it instantly. No looking around needed for me...it was the perfect outfit for my special kitty to wear. Kinsley's cat dress was from Amazon and she wore these adorable cat socks to go along with it.

We kept the food simple and easy...desserts only. And let me tell you, not worrying about making anything was amazing. We had our birthday cake, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate dipped marshmallows, oreos and starburst (pink and red colors only, of course).

The table decorations were my favorite. I bought white pails from Target for $1.00 each, then filled clear bags with goldfish, drew cat faces on the pails, made a banner from scrapbook paper and wrote "meow" and had the easiest, cutest cat favors. I bought styrofoam balls from the Dollar Tree and hot glued yarn onto them to make them look like cat toys. BECAUSE.... when you have a kitten adoption, they need something to play with.

One of our activities was the kitten adoption. I ordered a few small kittens off Amazon for our adoption, purchased gable boxes from Hobby Lobby as our cat carriers, found the most adorable cat adoption certificates to fill out after they picked which kitten they wanted and of course...a yarn ball to take home for their kitten. So cute and fun!

We also had a cat piñata, and I mean who doesn't love a piñata? This kitty was from Zurchers and was filled with Dum Dums and Fruit Tootsie Rolls. Rylan wasn't the hardest of hitters, but with a little help from daddy she was able to knock it to pieces.

Of course no party is complete without presents. She hit the jackpot between money to go shopping with, lots of new fun pretend play toys for their kitchen and diner, an adorable horse play mat with horse figures. But her BIGGEST gift of all was..... A TRACTOR! I could probably write an entire post all about Rylan and her Lawn Mower addiction, so I'll try and keep the back story short. Every Tuesday when Kinsley has dance class, it has become our ritual to walk down to Sears for Rylan to "ride" the lawn mowers. Kinsley's studio is inside a mall so we just roam around for the hour. But the highlight is always to go ride the "wowers", as Rylan likes to call them. So she asked for one for her birthday. I love you...but a $2,000.00 riding lawn mower just wasn't in the budget this year, kid. So Kyle found this tractor, and with his parents and my mom, we pitched in to get the girl her own tractor. Her face was PRICELESS when she saw it. She instantly got on it like this wasn't her first rodeo, hit that gas and went flying. Almost broke our fence, and crashed it into the trampoline, and may have knocked down a tiki torch or two...but the girl is OBSESSED!

All in all, it was the best cat birthday party any three year old could ask for. And of course, I was all sorts of emotional just wondering how she couldn't possibly be three already. I let her wear some blush and lipstick and I wanted to cry over how beautiful she was. Why do your kids have to grow up so much, so quickly? She went from a baby, to this beautiful girl in the blink of an eye.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Craft With Me | 100 Days of School Shirt

Kinsley celebrated her 100th day of school this week! I can't even believe it, or the fact that she's that much closer to be in the 1st grade!!! My goodness, time just needs to sloooow down for a little bit. To celebrate, her class had a big 100th day party and they got to decorate a shirt to wear to school that day. Kinsley came home, all excited, and knew EXACTLY what she wanted her shirt to look like. When did she become such a big girl, designing her own things???

I bought her t-shirt, and all the supplies needed to make her shirt from Hobby Lobby. We did an "Up, Up and Away" theme, with the movie Up! as the main idea. Again, this was all Kinsley's idea. I printed off a clip art image of the house from "Up" onto iron on paper. After letting the image dry for 30 minutes, I ironed it onto her shirt, and got to decorating the balloons. I drew a giant balloon with fabric markers onto the shirt, with lots of strings coming out of the chimney. Then I hot glued on 100 pom poms inside the balloon I drew to look like 100 different balloons floating in the air. Then, I cut out two blue clouds out of felt, glued those on and wrote our message on the shirt: Up, up and away...we flew through 100 Days! When Kinsley got home from school and I showed her the shirt, she was SOO excited! She must have hugged me 20 times saying "thanks, mommy!! I love it!". Totally worth it!

Watch this fun video on the entire process of making her shirt, with the cutest little kindergartener ready to tackle her 100th day! I just love being a mommy, and doing these fun things for my kids. It's hard, and stressful and hard and stressful, and did I say it's hard??? But gosh, living these moments with them just makes it all worth it :)

Hope you guys enjoyed watching our video! Check out our YouTube channel for lots more fun videos, cleaning videos, organization ideas and more!
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Monday, January 22, 2018

Organize With Me | Memory Bins for Children

I'm sharing one my all time favorite projects I've done for our kids to date! I am so, so happy with how our memory bins turned out and will honestly use these for years and years to come.

Last year, Kinsley started VPK. She came home every day with papers and crafts and mementos and things I wanted to keep but just had no clue what to do with. Besides sit on our counters and stack up and make me feel crazy by looking at 24/7. So I searched Pinterest, where all things creative can be found, and found the perfect solution to my problem: memory bins! Now- I have separate bins for other things that I've held onto, like clothing and special outfits or memories, things like that. This is strictly for paper items- school report cards, papers from each grade, etc.. So don't think I'm literally fitting EVERYTHING I want to keep for all of them in this one bin.

Watch this video to see exactly how I made these memory bins and to learn how to make your own!

 Clear File Totes 
File Folders
Silhouette Cameo
Dymo Label Maker
Accordion File Folder: Target (I can't find the exact one online, but they have many different options online and in store)
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Decorate With Me | Farmhouse Front Patio

I've been dying to add some new content to my blog, and one of my favorite things to do is decorate our house. So instead of showing pictures, and boring you with all the "I did this" and "then I did this" blog post, I'm giving it a go with more video content. I personally love watching videos of people doing things, instead of reading about it. I get so drawn into them and I think it's a much more personable approach to some topics. So today I'm sharing my little front patio makeover. 

After Christmas, this space was just pretty bland. Pine needles where still everywhere, it needed a good cleaning, and needed some sprucing up. The week prior to me filming this, for the first time in forever Florida experienced freezing temperatures...which resulted in a lot of our plants that typically look amazing, looking like they are on their death bed. So I apologize for our sad looking plants...I'm trying to nurse them back to health. Not literally, because a. that's physically impossible and b. that would just be weird. 

Here's a quick look at the end product. We still have our house numbers to hang up, but for video purposes I didn't want to show that. And I am still on the hunt for the perfect item to add some height on the left side of our door. And one day I will paint that front door because it's the perfect shade of baby poop green/gold- who actually paints their front door that color? It's awful and has got to go...but ya know, not my #1 priority at the moment ;).

Hope you all enjoy!

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Rylan & The Paci (Pacifier) Fairy

I'm so behind on this blog, so why not pick up right where we left off in November. Rylan has been my pacifier addict. Like I really thought she would go to college with that purple pacifier she has been attached to. What's funny is that as an infant, she would NOT take a pacifier. Around 8-9 months, on a whim I tried a pacifier with her at night time and she took it. And then never looked back. At the time I was like HALLELUJAH!!!! But fast forward to her being two and not being able to function in life without that pacifier, and you realize the girl was addicted. 

For a few months leading up to the "big night", I planted a tiny seed about her giving up her pacifier. "RyRy, do you want to try sleeping with out?" or "RyRy, before you can have your 3rd birthday, you know you have to give up your pacifier, right?". Just little things that planted the idea in her head that oh, soon I need to not have the pacifier and then x, y and z can happen. So on a whim, I came up with this idea that a pacifier fairy was going to come to our house over the weekend and take Rylan's pacifiers away to other babies who needed them; because she was getting to be a big girl and was almost three and didn't need it anymore. Honestly I didn't think it would work, but thankfully Kinsley bought into the magic of it all and helped me convince her it would be ok to let the Paci Fairy take her pacifiers away. So the weekend was a few days away and I hyped it up big time. It's all about positive encouragement, making it seem like Santa Claus and Christmas was about to happen, and make them actually excited about giving the pacifier away. 

So the night before the Paci Fairy was planned to arrive, I gave Rylan a bowl to put all her pact's in and set it by the door so the Paci Fairy could easily find them and take them to other babies in need. It was seriously the CUTEST thing and I was even more excited about what "she" would leave her for the morning.

Instead of explaining it all, I will show you the video of it all. Because honestly, I have  NO IDEA how the Paci Fairy left all these things for her (wink wink) ;).  

What was something I was dreading, turned into the most magical experience for her. Still to this day, she talks about the Paci Fairy and how she is such a big girl now and anytime she plays with the items she picked out at Target, "this is what I got from the Paci Fairy money!". Gosh, little kids make life just so much more beautiful and magical and I live for moments like these with my family. 
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